Friday, September 11, 2009

The New Multi Cultural, Multi Ethnic, Freedom Loving, Women Promoting, Sexual Preference Tolerant America! Land of the Brave! Home of the Free!

I saw this comment on another blog discussing the teabaggers and Beck's 912 march. I decided to post it here! Very Insightful:

"I have watched the tea baggers and watched my neighbors keep their son out of the first day of school so as to avoid the speech by President Obama. I see the fear, hatred and the frustration. Their contorted faces are painful to look at.

I do not know it they are patriotic to America or to the America they see in their dreams. I do know that they are sad and pitiful in their powerless wasteland. Their America is gone, it is never coming back. Gay rights will advance more each year, women will advance in business, the stores will be filled with more and more people of color, speaking languages the patriots never bothered to learn.

This is reality and they are scared to death of the future. I would rather cut off my right hand than be a modern day Republican conservative teabagger."


Dee said...

Beck's pitiful 912 project is paid for by the Healthcare lobby. Beck says it is going to be the "good ole days." No minorities invited.

A group called the "Rivoli Revue" is playing. It is an ole country group. Their biggest hit is "Press One for English." A hateful racist song against Latinos.


ultima said...

"the stores will be filled with more and more people of color, speaking languages the patriots never bothered to learn."

...unable to communicate with each other and missing the essential ingredient of a united society!

Vicente Duque said...

Nice Article Dee, there are millions of White Americans that don't agree with the Tsunami of Hate that Fox News and other Hate Merchants promote. They are a Majority inside Whites. White Americans are not Wicked Evil from Hell.

A lady "Wyoming Cat" wrote an interesting comment to one of my articles in Gather about Glenn Beck

I love the website, where I have gotten many friends. These friends are people with beautiful ideas and usually a Liberal Intellect ... We also get comments of Conservatives and Republicans, but they are very Moderate and Polite. I don't have a problem of aggressive trolls or madmen contradicting everything in order to destroy.

This lady gave us a penetrating inside on Fox News and Glenn Beck :

"Wyoming Cat" - Homepage in

And she replied to this article that I wrote for :

We should be loving and weeping for Glenn Beck - Instead of attacking him for being a fool without brains

Here are her words, which I found extremely useful and interesting :

More from the crazy lady in the back:

I think that we're blaming the wrong person here, guys. Beck IS all the things being said about him here, and more, but he's doing what is expected of him from his followers.

We can't blame him, really. His followers are the problem. He would have no audience for his rhetoric if there weren't already so many out there with deep-seated bias in their hearts. Glenn is doing nothing more than legitimizing their bigotry for them by giving them a group to belong to. The only other group they could join with the same outlook and principles is the KKK, and that can get your ostracized, fired, or worse.

Glenn Beck is the Grand Wizard of the new-age, hip, publicly acceptable Ku Klux Klan. They don't wear the sheets. They don't burn the crosses. But in all else they are the same.

With him leading the way, all cute n' cuddly (yes, he is!) and "presentable", its fashionable again to be a hate-monger.

"We hate the Hispanics because they're all "illegals"... and illegal is wrong, so we are being good patriots."

"We hate the Blacks because Obama's just wants to take our taxes and give it to all the Negros as "slave reparations", and its okay to have a different political opinion."

He wraps the hatred very carefully in outwardly-acceptable prose. It doesn't matter if they are quickly proven as lies. As long as they can hold onto the hate and hide behind the stubbornly held "legal excuses", NeoKKK will rage on.

Wyoming Cat

Vicente Duque

I Travel for JOOLS said...

" speaking languages the patriots never bothered to learn. "

Excuse me ! You expect U.S. citizens to learn foreign languages. How's your "Hmong", Dee?

They are a huge population in Wisconsin and Minnesota. But wait, they BOTHERED to learn English, the language of the land they came to, the language of the country that gave them new hope and guess what, they did it ! They learned English. They prospered. They get it!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Education for the Hmong, used to be very limited (and in some parts of the country, it still is). At one point in history, education wasn’t important. Children didn’t need to be educated in anything else other than farming. Parents and grandparents lived on farms and worked in the fields all day. If a family could afford to educate their children, only the sons were given the privilege. Women didn’t need to go to school because their main duties were to take care of the crops, animals, and the children in the house. Today, in America, Hmong students are excelling in school. Hmong who didn’t value or couldn't afford an education in their country came to America, encouraging their children to attend and excel in school.

Publish this IF YOU DARE !

Dee said...

Nowadays, Education is a priority for Latinos,Blacks and all minorities Jools, particularly among the Dream students. We all speak English too. People can be bi-lingual. In Europe, people speak 4 to 6 languages.

When I was in school, I took Spanish, French and Russian classes.

Education is a wonderful thing, especially in our beautiful, multi cultural society.

Dee said...

I think the commenter in this post was spot on!

Many of the teabaggers live in fear, hatred and frustration. You can see it in their faces.They long for a Mayberrian society that never existed.

John said...

There is no reason for Americans to learn another langauge. Only if they WANT to and we are all so busy eeking out a living it is a waste of time anyway. No one should be forced to learn another language nor should they be ridiculed if they choose not to. It is none of your business anyway and what other countries choose to do is also only their business and their choices should not be forced upon us. Bet you really used that Russian you learned, right? LOL!

Dee said...

It is called obtaining an education. Even in Junior High you are allowed to take electives. That's where I took French and Spanish. In senior high, I took Russian because I loved the instructor. She was my Social Studies instructor in Jr. High. She was a motivator and a mentor for many students. All teachers/instructors should be like her.

I say more power to Education! It should be our Number 1 priority in our Country. No one should be chastised for speaking multiple languages! Speak English! Speak Spanish! Speak French! Speak German! Speak Russian!

Let's all support each other in ensuring Education as our Number 1 priority! That is what most advancing countries are doing! So should we!

John said...

Learning a language is the only form of getting an education? I can think of a lot more subjects in school that would be of a lot more value to Americans than learning a language they will never use. That is why they are called ELECTIVES!

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