Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Proud to Say Barack Obama is Our President!

After the months and months of witnessing the embarrassing GOP Debates, watching the State of the Union address tonight, I am so PROUD to say Barack Obama is OUR PRESIDENT. I am so proud he represents us around the world. He is so intelligent, diplomatic and a true American! He comes from the heart, the depth and breadth of America. He is a magnificent representation of a poor American Child achieving the absolute height and pinnacle of the American Dream!

Our President, Barack Obama!

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Vicente Duque said...

Yes, I agree, President Obama is a Great Man and a Great President.

He deserves a second term as president.

He is right when he says that a Republican Administration will cause great harm to the Economy.

The Economy can NOT be fixed and corrected with the same Republican theories and ideas that were the cause of this mess.

Thanks for your beautiful Blog and continue informing us. Very valuable site !


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