Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Terrorist "La Bruja" Wags her finger at our President

La Bruja - AZ gov. Jan Brewer attacks again! This time, La Bruja terroristically attacks our President! La Bruja, with absolutely no respect for our President, attacked our President and wagged her evil finger at him. Later, the evil, vicious witch, said she was "afraid" of the scary Black Guy. Oh my! La Bruja, go back to your cauldron!


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer could not convert President Obama into a frog, she forgot her magic wand. A big collection of Videos and photos with Weird Actions and Awkward Silences of Brewer.

Lawerence O'Donnell says that 91% of the People in polls approve the State of the Union Speech of President Obama. Big Success of the President in communicating with common Americans. Richard Wolffe ( MSNBC political analyst ) and Howard Fineman ( Huffington Post and MSNBC ) comment.

Tense exchange between Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

Uploaded by PresidentObama3 on Jan 25, 2012

Tense exchange between Obama and Arizona Gov. Brewer


Felix Jaure said...

A portion of the American people appear to live in a bizzaro world where evil is good, and good is evil. "Too bad" for the rest of the people of the country, those of us who have retained the knowledge to know the difference. Obama, for President, 2012!

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