Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Blog Mission: Plead with the President to Address the Nation about the Impact of the Republican Agenda if Implemented

My blog Mission in 2012 is to convince the President to talk to the American People about the Impact of the Republican Agenda if they are elected and their Agenda is implemented.

The American people need to understand what the Republicans are advocating. Their top 3 issues are:
1. Medicare / Universal Healthcare (Obamacare): Privatize; End as we know it
2. Destroy Middle Income and Poor Americans: End/Privatize Society Security; Destroy the Unions, Reduce/end Unemployment benefits, Reduce the minimum wage.
3. IMMIGRATION: Mass Deportation: Each state enforce existing laws and Mass Deport all 11M here; No Dream Act - Ever!

Today and tomorrow I am going to write blogs about each of these topics to provide a high level explanation of how detrimental to ALL Americans each of these initiatives will be if they are implemented.

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