Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NC Republican Prez Debate Audience displays Drowning Racism as Newt Gingrich is blatantly condescending towards Black Commentator Juan Williams!

The mostly White Republican Tea Party audience in North Carolina at the Republican Prez Convention displayed their true Racist gutteral instincts when they booed African American Juan Williams when he asked the very arrogant, condescending and dismissive Newt Gingrich about his racist comments against minorities. The racist Newt called Barack Obama the "Food Stamp President." Gingrich attempted to convey that the only people who receive food stamps are Blacks or minorities who don't want to work. (What a vicious and incorrect stereotype.) However, the mostly white Republican TeaParty Audience cheered Newt when he dismissed Juan by saying, "First of all Juan..." as the very racist audience egged Newt on. It is the most explicit display of elitist racism by a very priveleged, ELITE racist, white audience that I have ever witnessed!

The applause by the White Audience was absolutely drowning. The primarily white North Carolina crowd was rabid with their drowning cheers and applause (Newt, Newt, Newt) Poor Juan Williams was not even provied an opportunity to respond and instead white commenter Brett Baier closed the discussion.

The Republicans will wonder why they will receive nary a minority vote in November. When they ask why, all we have to do to answer their questions is point back to this video.


Dee said...

Watching the video again....oooohhh such blatant, blatant racism. The cheers and rants remind me of the cheers and rants of the lynching crowds.

North Carolina republicans are very vocal in their rants.

It is not a wonder they still fly the Confederate Flag at their state house.

Dee said...

Newt Gingrich = RACIST!!!!

Dee said...

North Carolina Primarily White Nationalist Audience = RACIST!!!!

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