Saturday, January 14, 2012

We ALL Should Keep Ourselves Informed of what is Happening in Iran! And Support our President!

I ask all of my readers to keep yourselves informed of what is happening in Iran.

Tensions are increasing with Iran as International Inspectors say they are getting closer to nuclear capability. The U.S. and Israel and our allies have asked the U.N. to impose economic sanctions against them in order to persuade them to stop. Iran says they are going to proceed.

Covert actions have taken place in Iran. Two Iranian nuclear scientists have been "covertly" killed with no one taking responsibility, but Iran is blaming Israel and the U.S.

With all the tension occurring, Iran is threatening to block U.S. ships from entering the Persian Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz. The United States is vowing not to back down.

Now, the stage seems to be set for war. What is also troubling is, some countries are saying they support Iran's perspective of having nuclear weapons. This includes China, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. We have to be very careful. We do not want to enter into a 3rd World War.

The debate over how to stop Iran's progress is escalating. Israel and many Republicans are getting impatient. Some are advocating a military "first strike" on Iranian nuclear facilities. Since the 2008 election, John McCain and Sarah Palin have been singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

The President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have vowed to keep strong, but level-headed and diplomatic through these discussions.

From my view, I believe level heads and diplomacy must prevail. I am not an advocate of war. I must admit, however, that I do agree with the President's alternative methods to "getting the job done." Utilizing Special Ops to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden was a brilliant manuever. The utilization of drones and satellite technology are also brilliant tactics. These methods save so many innocent lives. Can you imagine the carnage and innocent lives lost if Bin Laden's compound and surrounding city had been bombed? How many soldiers' lives would we have lost had troops been sent in to take over the city?

I've been listening to talk radio to hear the Republican view. Many of them are chastizing our President, saying he is weak for not charging into war with Iran and not taking credit for the killings of the Iranian scientists. They advocate escalation to war. What they are advocating is insanity and would only result in more lost lives of our soldiers and innocent people.

I believe we as a nation must support our President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they use logic, technology, diplomacy, and receive the backing of our allies and the U.N.

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