Monday, July 5, 2010

My Idea for President Obama: The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan and Honors Program

At lunch today, my husband and I discussed ideas to increase Jobs for Americans. We came up with an idea and want to pass it on to President Obama. We call it "The Jobs for Americans Plan." I am advertising this plan here, on Daily Kos and on Facebook. I sent this to the President via his White House website.

Both my husband and I worked for Fortune 500 companies. We know and understand that a number of companies outsource many jobs offshore. These are jobs many Americans, especially middle class Americans want. These are jobs that, when they were outsourced off-shore, meant lay-offs for hard-working Americans. Business says they outsource to save money. Offshore, they are not required to pay employees at the same rate. Offshore, they are not required to maintain OSHA sanctioned, safe environments. Offshore, they are not required to adhere to union bargained contracts. Offshore, these employees do not pay U.S. income taxes, nor are companies required to pay social security taxes or unemployment premiums based on payroll amounts.

Types of jobs sent offshore:
. Production: physical manufacturing (primarily to China)
. IT Services: Software Engineering (primarily to India & other English speaking countries) HP, IBM, Intel, AT&T, AMD, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, BEA, etc.
. Innovation Outsourcing: to South Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Mexico, Russia, etc.
. Transfer of Intellectual Property
. Customer Service: All customer service work to English Speaking Countries (any company that provides Customer Service via phone or internet)

Our "The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan & Honors Program":
1. Identify and report the rate of off-shore staffing in each U.S. based company.
(e.g.: Apple and IBM each staff 100,000 employees. Each staff 20,000 employees offshore = 20%)
2. Each company that outsources offshore is asked to reduce offshore staffing by 50% and replace those workers with US Based employees.
(e.g.: Apple and IBM are each asked to replace 10,000 of their offshore employees with 10,000 US based workers)
3. Each company that participates in the plan receives a tax reduction for each offshore employee replaced by a U.S. employee equal to 25% of each employee's compensation (fully loaded).
4. Each company fully participating in this program will receive a U.S. Honors Award to display company wide. Reports are published monthly. Participating companies may advertise that they have received this award. U.S. Citizens are encouraged to frequent U.S. Honors companies.
(e.g.: Apple fully participates in the Program. IBM does not. Apple reduces offshore jobs by 10,000; advertises and staffs 10,000 U.S. jobs; receives 25% tax cut for 10,000 employees; receives honors award; runs ads - especially during the SuperBowl that they are a U.S. Honors Award Winner. Business thrives. Employees Happy. America is working. Buying Apple products and services.
IBM does not participate; receives no incentives or tax cuts; No new ads; No award program. U.S. Honors Report shows they are not participating in the program. After 2nd year of program, decides to join it and begins hiring U.S. based employees and reducing number of employees offshore.)


Anon1 said...

Both outsourcing and illegal immigration is taking jobs from Americans. Did you also tell Obama that low skilled, less educated Americans need the jobs that the illegals have stolen and therefore amnesty/CIR should be out of the question? No, I thought not!

Dee said...

As usual, Bad Anon, you are incorrect.

Outsourced jobs are the jobs Americans want.

Regarding AgJobs, yes. There are plenty available. There are several farmers in want and need of workers all across the country. They are more than welcome to apply and they will be immediately hired. Just go to the farmfields and apply. Have you tried it? They are hiring now. Especially now. There is a severe AgJobs worker shortage with all of the xenophobia going on. Go and apply. There are plenty of jobs available.

email me and I will provide you plenty of names and locations for AgJobs:

Or you can google: AgJobs Job Search and a MULTITUDE will come up.


Dee said...

You see Bad Anon, these are NOT the Jobs most Americans want, not even those you term "low skilled."

I don't even know what that means.

You would think "low skilled" would be based on education and knowledge/skills level. That would mean anyone who cannot spell correctly or who has bad grammar are "low skilled." However when I look at your grammar, when you say things like " taking" vs "...are taking" which proves to me YOU are less educated and therefore you should apply for these jobs, yet you haven't. Why is that Bad Anon? Why haven't YOU applied for these AgJobs? Prove me wrong. Prove to me that you have applied and worked an AgJob as I have.

Samuel said...

Thank you for sharing.There are 15 million unemployed workers in America, and 8 million illegal immigrants in the labor force. We could cut unemployment in half simply by reclaiming the jobs taken by illegal workers.

Lidia said...

A great point, and actually well-explained by Aviva Chomsky in her "They Come to Take Our Jobs and 20 Other Myths About Immigration." A good point she makes--the multi-nationals are also migrants--not migrant farmworkers, but migrants looking for workers--so they take off for Guatemala, China, Africa, India, with the goods (jobs) that our nation helped create (with our tax breaks and every other thing that we hand over to corporations).

Lidia said...

thank you! See also Aviva Chomsky's book in which she makes an argument that multi-national corporations are migrants--not migrant farmworkers, but migrants looking for workers (cheap, exploitable). . .they are the ones taking the jobs, as you say so well.

Chicano future tense said...

With all due respects to the authors of the post "My Idea for President Obama: The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan and Honors Program"

God bless you!..I am sure your intentions are noble and your heart is in the right place..

Having said that,I would also like to add that your "The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan and Honors Program" is absolutely one of the most unrealistic and naive proposals I have heard of in a long time.

Multinational corporations have long since established and entrenched an extremely profitable corporate globalism.It's too late to change their minds taking a moral plea on the high road.

Your proposals however well intentioned would be laughed out the door of any corporate board meeting.Your pleas for "Honesty" and "Honor" from them would have them rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter.

Pleading with the big multi national corporations would be like sending "Mother Teresa to a mob meeting and asking them to be good guys because what they are doing is sinful and wrong"..

Unfortunately,the real world of capitalist corporate globalism operates on a different set of rules which revolve around the sun of Profit.

But,anyway like I said before "God bless you" for your good intentions..

Dee said...

Chicano Future Tense,
You have an interesting blog and I also appreciate your comments to this blog about a Jobs program.

You can call me an idealist, or Mother Teresa, or a wishful thinker. That's fine.

I think my plan has a possibility of working even if we can go the 1st step, obtaining the outsourcing report. That would be a start that would certainly enlighten the American people.

If the Obama administration is serious about jobs for Americans then we do need such a report. We already have the capability of producing such a report, it just takes the government providing such a report, the American public having access to it, then the start of accountability for business begins.

Anonymous said...

We need to rethink our policy and rebuild all reforms stopping the precious wealth from going out of our country.apply for jobs

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