Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arpaio's Goon Squad Continues Suppression Sweeps in Latino Neighborhoods

Arpaio and his masked goons' latest crime-suppression sweep netted 71 arrests, including six people who the goon squad says are suspected (in other words, didn't have their papers on them)of being in the country illegally. The two-day Valleywide "suppression sweep" in Latino neighborhoods which ended at midnight Friday, was somewhat delayed by civil protesters and (God-sent) monsoon storms.

The sweep was scheduled to start Thursday morning but was postponed for several hours while deputies dealt with civil protesters blocking roadways in downtown Phoenix. Dozens of civil activists protesting the state's new immigration law have been arrested this week for standing up for their righteous cause. SB 1070, partially went into effect Thursday. SB1070 makes it a misdemeanor offense for immigrants in Arizona not to carry registration papers, effectively allowing police to arrest a person on suspicion of being in the country illegally. But a federal judge blocked that portion of the law earlier in the week.

Arpaio has said he doesn't need the law to hold his suppression sweeps in Latino neighborhoods, which capture offenders for mostly minor, civil violations. The racial profiling "suppression sweep" operation marked the 17th time Arpaio has deployed hundreds of deputies and volunteer posse members in an area of the Valley to root out undocumented workers instead of going after felonious criminals. Deputies typically take a "zero tolerance" approach to traffic offenses and then check the criminal history of the motorists.

Arpaio's masked goon squad have arrested 1,003 people in their operations dating back to March 2008. Of those, 714 were suspected (no papers on them) of being in the country illegally,
according to the Sheriff's Office who did not provide actual numbers of those they arrested who were actually latino citizens vs undocumented workers.


Anonymous said...

Arpao is one of those corrupt Italians from back east. When they get into office some kind of corruption always follows. Kind of like Rizzo in Bell, CA.

ultima said...

Who were the other 65? Were any of them felons?

ultima said...

Joe is Joe. We don't have to condone everything he does, especially any mistreatment of prisoners, to realize that the soft touch was not getting the job done as witnessed by the preponderance of Arizonans who voted for SB1070. All anyone asks is the effective but humane apprehension and repatriation of illegal aliens whereever they are found. There are many solutions to the feds' claim that sb1070 will overburden the system and prevent them from doing their job of apprehending criminals. That's funny because at the same time some claim that SB1070 interferes with the job of the police to catch criminals. Let's decide to let the police catch the criminals and the ICE and BP to apprehend all illegals and repatriated them. Of course, even if they had these seeparate missions they could optimize their performance by cooperating in all regards, catching criminals and apprehending illegal aliens.

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