Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Civil Disobedience Planned if sb1070 is Enacted

Rumor has it the Judge will make a ruling on the enactment of sb1070 within the next 24 hours. Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteer goons are ready for enactment of this racial profiling law. Arpaio has already announced the opening of a new tent prison facility for new detainees as a result of massive "suppression sweeps" he is planning in Latino neighborhoods. Imagine the Tent Prisons in 120 degree heat this summer. Arpaio is LAUGHING ABOUT IT!

Those opposed to the bill are also ready. Beyond the boycott of the state of Arizona, humanitarian groups across the nation are planning massive civil disobedience protests - similar to the 60's Civil Rights demonstrations against the Jim Crow laws - to test the bill. Rev. Al Sharpton's activists have promised to bring people to Arizona to protest "in the spirit of the Freedom Riders from the civil rights movement." Now Cesar Chavez' United Farm Workers of America (UFW) is pledging to do the same if this evil, racist law is enacted.
The Californian reports:
UFW prepares protest against Arizona law
Members of the United Farm Workers of America union in Salinas say they're preparing to travel to Phoenix — without identification — to test how police are enforcing that state's new immigration law. Efren Barajas, UFW vice president, said President Arturo Rodriguez will lead UFW chapters from Salinas, San Joaquin Valley, Oakland, Napa and Los Angeles when they arrive in Phoenix on Thursday. Maria Machuca, union communications director, said about 15 UFW members and staff are paying for their own traveling expenses. They will meet in Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. Thursday, then leave for Phoenix. With the exception of a few drivers, the travelers, including Rodriguez, will leave all identification documents behind. "Having the president travel to Arizona and represent the union is meaningful," Barajas said.

Arizona's controversial immigration law, which goes into effect Thursday unless a federal judge says otherwise, would require police officers to question the immigration status of suspects stopped for another offense if there's a "reasonable suspicion" (= Arpaio's "suppression sweeps" = racial profiling) they are in the country illegally. Salinas union organizers plan to protest the new law. "We are participating in demonstrations to show support for those who oppose the law in Arizona," said Machuca. Officials said the UFW members do not plan to break any traffic laws or dress differently to attract the attention of police. However, Rodriguez plans on engaging in an act of civil disobedience if Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 becomes law.

SB 1070 appeared to strike Washington and the rest of the country like a thunderbolt when Gov. Jan Brewer signed it on April 23. But in Arizona, it was years in the making, just the latest manifestation of an increasing political antagonism toward illegal immigration. It was spurred by a perception that the federal government wasn't taking action on the issue.

A U.S. District Judge is considering some of the seven lawsuits filed to halt SB1070. The new law has stirred a national outcry over fears of widespread racial profiling. It has led to economic boycotts of Arizona as well as an outpouring of support and expressions of solidarity from supporters in other states. Machuca said the UFW members plan to join other groups in Phoenix such as the Los Angeles County Federation to participate in the St. Matthew's Parish Rally and the Downtown Civil Disobedience Action. "We need to end the fear and help improve the lives of the immigrant farm workers whose sweat and sacrifice bring the rich bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to our tables," Machuca said.

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