Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Explaining the Impact of Republicans Voting NO on Unemployment Extensions

One of my anonymous posters posted this ludicrous comment about Republicans voting NO on extending unemployment which goes to show you how uninformed Republicans and their supporters are. He said, "Geez, those being cut off have been on unemployment for a year and a half. All others will still get their unemployment checks.You can't live on unemployment forever anymore than you can live on welfare forever."

He is so wrong!

Here is
how the process works. If you become unemployed, once you qualify and are approved, you receive the standard 26 weeks Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. After that, because of our high rate of unemployment, Congress passed 3 tiers of Emergency Unemployment Benefits (EUC) and one additional Extended Benefits (EB).
EUC Tier 1: 20 weeks.
EUC Tier 2: 14 weeks.
EUC Tier 3: 13 weeks.
EB: 20 weeks.

Since Congress has not extended Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), no new claims are able to be added. This means that when you complete a Tier, you cannot apply for the next Tier of benefits. Your benefits stop until/unless Congress approves extended benefits. Therefore, once you finish your standard unemployment (26 weeks) you cannot apply for additional tiers or EB. Or if you are in the middle of a Tier, once you complete that Tier, you cannot apply for another. Each week that Congress does not approve the extensions, millions more will fall off. Many will drop off at the end of 26 weeks. Many will drop off once they complete the Tier they are on.

With unemployment rates hovering at about 10% nationally and the job outlook appearing bleak, with only 1 job for every 5 unemployed, it is heartless and inhumane to expect our unemployed to survive without unemployment extensions. Economists indicate these monies boost the economy with a return rate of $1.6 for every dollar provided.

Republicans do not care about the Americans they are impacting. They continue to be the party of NO. They do not care that Americans are starving and in need of unemployment insurance. I've researched and studied a number of comment sections focusing on these extensions not passing. All commenters blame Republicans. I agree with them.

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ultima said...

Keep in mind I wrote that the extension would be passed after Congress returns to work, especially if the economic news continues to be negative.

I wonder if there isn't more to this than what you suggest. I'm not sure I am in favor of bailing out the states, especially those like Mexifornia that have allowed the state employee unions to run roughshod over them. Maybe they and some other states need to think a little longer about their profligacy before we see what medicine is required and how bitter the pill should be so they don't ever spend beyond their means again and do a little more thinking about how they will deal with the next rainy day.

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