Friday, July 9, 2010

Guest Voz - Jon Stewart: Video "Latino 911" aka "Latinos are F**cked!"

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Latino 911!
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all racism sucks said...

Since you and Dukehead claim to be against all racism why don't you blog about this New Black Panther's guy? Watch the video. Bet you won't say a damned thing though, will you Dee?

all racism is bad said...

Keep in mind that this racist, nutcase is talking about YOUR white husband.

ultima said...

Did you notice that the federal lawsuit does not even mention racial profiling?

Dee said...

There are extremists out there. We all know it. This video compares to JT Ready's rants and to John Tanton's FAIR group rants. They are not as extreme as the KKK and Stormfront Rants about cockroaches and the such.

These are old videos from 2008. The real question is, why are Fox and Michelle Malkin resurrecting them now?

That is the real question.

Dee said...

Of course not. Do you know why? Because the Supremacy Clause is the much stronger argument. If the law is moot per the supremacy clause, then there is no need to argue the racial profiling aspects of it because once won, no sb1070.

However, the racial profiling aspects, as performed routinely by arpaio and his goons during his suppression sweeps can only be proved once enacted. What the FEDS are doing is nipping sb1070 in the bud, so no need to continue to pursue!

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

gotta love john stewart. He is hilarious.

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