Friday, July 9, 2010

Question: Why is it OK for Police to KILL Minorities? -- Analysis of the BART Shooting in Oakland, CA

A Minority is murdered. The perp goes virtually scot Free!
I've been reading about the BART Police shooting in Oakland, CA today. This is so similar to so many other racial profiling abuses that it causes one to wonder, why is it ok for Police to be so brutal and escalate the level of violence against minority perps? Let's study this case.

It was the early morning hours of New Years Day. A group of very young men were returning home, on a train. They tussled on the train. BART police were called. The BART police hustled the young men onto the platform, detained and cuffed them. Oscar Grant, a young black father, was on the ground, being cuffed. One of the BART Cops, Johannes Mehserle, took out his gun and shot and murdered unarmed, young Grant, shooting him in the back as he lay on the ground. The cops shouted these racial words at him, "
Bitch-ass nigger."

Out of all the ludicrous excuses for the murder, Mehserle said, "I thought I was shooting him with my taser." Wow! What a lame excuse, especially since he was not armed with a taser. However, the jury with no blacks did not find him guilty of murder or even manslaughter. Instead, they issued a hand slap. They merely found him guilty of INVOLUNTARY manslaughter, a minor offense which harbors a minimal penalty vs murder. One cannot help but consider what would have happened had this been a White victim by Black corrupt cops.

Minorities are protesting in the streets in Oakland. It is no wonder that Michelle Malkin and Fox are now resurrecting 2008 footage of Black Panthers on their websites to counter the damage done here.

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