Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arpaio LIES on the Stand during his Racial Profiling Trial

Arpaio took the stand this week during his Racial Profiling Trial in Phoenix. While on the stand, Arpaio was asked about a comment he made on the Lou Dobbs show in 2007. On the nationally televised show, Arpaio said being compared to the Ku Klux Klan was “an honor.” However, on Tuesday, Arpaio flip flopped and denied the comparison was an honor, instead saying he had no use for the KKK.
Testimony also included the fact that Arpaio referred to illegal immigrants as DIRTY MEXICANS but on the stand he said those statements were "taken out of context." He said the only reason he said that was because if a person were crosses the U.S.-Mexico border on foot over four days in the desert, that person “could be dirty.”

As if Arpaio's testimony wasn't blatantly lying enough, Arpaio's own Deputy Michael Kikes was CAUGHT LYING ON THE STAND by the JUDGE! U.S. District Judge Murray Snow picked up on several of his contradictions, questioning Kikes about his involvement with the Sheriff's saturation patrols and the instructions he was given before the operations began. Kikes initially told the court that he recalled an instruction sheet for the March 2008 operation in the north Valley that included a specific warning against racial profiling. "In bold letters, I remember," said Kikes, who was serving as a motorcycle officer during the operation.
Snow later had Kikes look at the instruction sheet, on which the deputy could find no such admonition. Kikes also claimed he was in a briefing before the operation began, but his name was NOT reflected on an attendance sheet that other deputies signed which PROVED HE LIED AGAIN! He wasn't even there.
The contradictions in Kikes' testimony became more significant during testimony of Latino citizens who were racially profiled by Kikes. They testified Kikes used force after being stopped. Kikes drew his weapons and ruthlessly racially profiled them. Kikes LIED again, denying these facts.
Several Latino Citizens / Legal Residents testified during the trial, providing details of the Sheriff and his Deputies and Volunteers racially profiling them, zip tying them, groin searching them, and harassing them.

Arpaio and his Deputy did themselves no favors by LYING on the stand.
The trial is scheduled to end on August 2.
Perhaps then, Arpaio will finally receive the Justice he deserves for committing these crimes!

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Mitt Romney said that he wants to self-deport 12 million people and that Arizona is the "Model for the Nation" in Race Relations.

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