Thursday, April 18, 2013

CLUES: FBI Photos Show 2 Well-Funded Boston Bomb Suspects

Update: America Wins!
1 Terrorist Dead!
2nd Terrorist in Fast Pursuit! (Well Funded -- As reported!)

2nd Gunman - in US since 2002, is on the brink of being caught! Legal Citizen Immigrant since 2002 -- Bomber!

Soon to be Caught!


Far Right attempts to Blame Left! Attempts to find ludicrous link to our President! Shame on Them!

The FBI has released the photos of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.
Based on the pictures, both are White Males about 22 – 25 years old.

I checked on line for similar backpacks. I found one similar to the White Backpack. It looks like an Ogio backpack. These backpacks are rather expensive and available at high end stores like Lord & Taylor and Macy’s.  They also had cell phones, cool shades and dressed in shabby chique. This would indicate they have money/funding.
Both young men appear to be self-confident, walking with their heads up in the air, comfortable with their surroundings. They did not appear to be strangers to their environment. They walked comfortably through the streets, shoulders back, heads up. Some might say they looked a little cocky.
Hopefully, someone will see the pictures and videos the FBI released and be able to identify them so they can be arrested, tried and convicted.

Now for the Cap: The black hat (worn by "suspect number 1") has been "identified" as a Bridgestone golf hat.
Bridgestone designs and manufactures a full range of golf clubs and accessories. (Another High End product)


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