Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TeaParty Republicans Responsible for the Shut Down of the Government, Admit It and are now Splintering Apart!

The TeaParty is running the Republican Party and they have SHUT DOWN our Government. As the saying goes, "The Inmates are Running the Asylum." The shutdown began at midnight Monday. Millions of government workers have been furloughed. Thousands of government services have been stopped.

However, the Program the Crazy Teapartiers wanted stopped rolled out Tuesday. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) (aka Obamacare) Exchanges have officially opened and millions of people are accessing the websites and enrolling in plans. ACA is the Law of the Land. It was enacted in 2010. Americans are experiencing many of the benefits of ACA now, including:
1. Insurance coverage from their Employer Healthcare Plans for their children until 26
2. Closing the donut hole for Seniors enrolled in Medicare
3. Prohibiting pre-existing conditions denials.

With the shutdown, National Parks and Monuments are closed. The employees have been furloughed and there are no security guards available to safeguard the monuments or visitors.

Today, the wacko Teaparty Republicans who led the charge in shutting down the government went to the Veterans Memorial today and removed the "Do Not Enter" Safety Tapes. Wackos like Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert, the very proponents of the government shutdown, proclaimed they were not going to allow the Veterans to be turned away from these sites. Rance Priebus said the RNC (responsible for shutting down the government) would pay to keep the sites open. At the same time, they are allowing the elderly and babies to starve and wounded vets not to receive their medical services, yet -- they were taking a stand to remove the yellow tape so tourists could visit the very sites they shut down.

As if to make matters worse for the duplicitous republican party, 16 republican congressmen today said they did not stand with the Teaparty Republicans and would vote FOR a Clean CR. Also Grover Norquist spoke out today and said Ted Cruz was WRONG and was the instigator behind the shut down and was at fault for leaving Congressional Republicans high and dry.

The McClatchy poll which came out Tuesday said 72% of Americans are AGAINST the shutdown and they blame Republicans for the shutdown.  Teaparty Republican Steve King said today the Republicans WERE RESPONSIBLE for the Shut Down and would keep it going for at least 3 more weeks in order to allow the Government to Default during the Fiscal Cliff.

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