Monday, May 26, 2014

Exposing Republican LIES about Benghazi and their LIES against Hillary Clinton.

I am so tired of the Republican LIES about Benghazi! How dare them utilize the death of an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans for their own political gain. They've attacked our President, our Secretary of State, the Defense Department, and the CIA.

Let's expose:
THE REPUBLICAN LIE: "There was a seven hour long attack against the Ambassador at the Libyan Embassy in Benghazi. There was plenty advance warning that this would happen, yet no help was sent and 4 Americans were killed. The president was so concerned about his re-election campaign, he refused to send them help and tried to minimize the al Qaeda attack by sending his friend from the United Nations on the talk shows to blame a video. That way he could continue his lies that al Qaeda is diminishing."

As I've previously reported, AMERICA WANTS THE TRUTH ABOUT Benghazi, NOT Republican LIES!! When you read THE FACTS, you'll realize the depth of the Republican LIES!

1. The attack occurred on 9/11/12. The attack was NOT at the Libyan Embassy but at an annex to the Embassy in Benghazi, a thousand miles away.
2. On 9/11/12, protesters were protesting about the video at the Libyan Embassy in Tripoli, and also at the Cairo Embassy in neighboring Egypt as well at other embassies throughout the Middle East.
3. The attack was NOT 7 hours long at the Annex, it was 2 hours long and the attackers were scared away by Drones sent by Washington.
4. Everyone thought the attacks were over when the attackers ran away after the Drone strike.
5. The Ambassador was still alive after the attacks and was taken to a hospital by Locals. He died later from smoke inhalation. The Ambassador's IT guy was shot and killed during the attack.
6. About 5 hours later, a CIA annex about 5 miles away was attacked. During the CIA attack, an officer and a former navy seal (who was working as a contractor) were killed. The attackers were thwarted after about an hour and local law enforcement assisted in helping remaining Americans flee the city safely.
7. The attackers were NOT al Qaeda. They were a Local Militia. There are thousands of local militias throughout the Middle East and in the U.S. The attacking local militia was said to have al Qaeda affiliation. Whether that affiliation was through the internet or through their "Mission Statement" hasn't been defined.
8. This militia attack sprung up out of nowhere. There was no indication throughout the day that this was going to happen, unlike the Tripoli and Cairo Embassy protests, which were violent throughout the day.
9. The letters the Ambassador wrote were regarding the increased level of threats across Libya, especially in Tripoli.
The facts REFUTE the Republican Lies!
The Facts PROVE the Defense Department, the CIA and Washington did respond and did investigate. The proof was in their sending of the Drones which caused the militia to run away.

The right wing started their attacks immediately after the attacks, starting with Mitt Romney. Talk Radio has relentlessly spread their lies and conspiracy theories -- so much that most people don't know these actual facts.

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