Sunday, January 4, 2015

Targetting the 2016 Latino Vote: Do's and Don'ts

The 2016 Presidential Election is just around the corner. The party that understands the following about Latino Voters may win our votes:

DO Understand:
Latinos in America are a Variety of people. Don't view us as "Mexxkins" or "Foreigners."
We are Brown, Red, Yellow, Black and White.
We are Rich, Middle Class and Poor.
We are young, middle aged and old.
We are educated, whether through formal schooling, home schooling or the school of life.

The vast majority of us speak / understand English and Spanish.
The vast majority of us are Christian and we believe in God.
The vast majority of us love our Families and are family focused.
The vast majority of us are Spiritual in Nature and feel close to our Earth and our Surroundings.
The vast majority of us are Native to the Americas. We are an indigenous people. AND we have lived in the U.S. for centuries. We LOVE the U.S.
The vast majority of us support: Universal Healthcare, Women's Rights, a Healthy Economy, Jobs, Low Gas Prices, Social Security/Medicare, low taxes, raising the minimum wage. We support our Troops. We support honest/fair Policing. We oppose: Deportations, Arpaio tactics/arrests, Racial Profiling and all forms of Discrimination.
The vast majority of us are U.S. Citizens and we VOTE, particularly in Presidential Elections.
The vast majority of us are hard working and NOT on WELFARE!
The vast majority of us love and marry other ethnicities. We have blended families and our blended families ...(wait for it) .... VOTE the way we do!

Don't stereotype us. Don't think we are all DUMB MEXXKINS.
Don't think we all "just came here yesterday" and "we are all illegal."
Don't make your TV/Print Ads only in Spanish, sending us messages you think we will like, which is opposite of what your TV/Print Ads say in English.
Don't have one website for your Tea Party types and another website targeting Latinos.
Don't think we are stupid. We can speak/understand both languages and we see your hypocrisy when you do this.
Don't think we only watch Univision and Spanish Language TV.
Don't think we don't understand or utilize technology. We have PCs, Laptops, iPads, etc. We use Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

So to Summarize:
If you want the Latino Vote, share your written Policies on your websites and in TV/Print Ads. Be Honest. Say the same thing to Latinos as you say to the Tea Party. Tell the Truth!!
If you are duplicitous, be very Aware that Bloggers like me will do our research and publish the facts on our Social Media outlets and you will NOT get our Votes!!

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The Adventures of BumbleBee Brie said...

I found your blog! I need to share this one. So true in so many ways. I'm also tire of the lies when election come around, that's when we matter.

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