Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wonder Woman Hillary Clinton takes on Republican Witch Hunt!

I am so Proud of Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today. She is truly a role model for ALL WOMEN, all Underdogs, all minorities, all ethnicities, anyone attacked by the Powers-that-be.

Hillary has withstood the partisan attack against her. This Witch Hunt – by the Republican sub-committee. Republican Man after Man after Man after Man after Man after Man after Man after Man after Man (ad nauseum)and some republican women attackers --  these Republicans are STILL attacking her) after Man after Man after Woman… are STILL ATTACKING HER for hours and hours and hours ALL DAY and are doing so RIGHT NOW!!!! --- Which Human of us could withstand these (often) LYING and vicious attacks in one session.

It’s Hillary, one Strong Woman, versus the Republican CLOWNS – snearing, glaring, yelling, attacking Wonder Woman Hillary Clinton. AND, what is Most illogical is that these SAME Republicans Clowns VOTED AGAINST increased support for security for our Embassies abroad.

Hillary has responded with answers, logic, grace, calm and her true patriotism.

Women and Minorities have experienced similar bullying attacks just like this ALL of our lives. We have to be strong. Stand Strong. Overcome their vicious attacks. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

It’s time NOW for these Republican Misogynists to END this Tax Payer funded FISHING Expedition.

American Taxpayers, YOU AND I are Paying for this Republican Clown Car Attack against Hillary.

Wonder Woman Hillary is STILL standing strong against these Clowns led by Super Clown Trey Gowdy. Awful.

I hope that WE THE PEOPLE – Women, Minorities, Middle Class, Regular People – STAND STRONG in support of Hillary Clinton!!

Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! We STAND for you!!


Dee said...

Trey Gowdy is Soooo Sweaty. What a witch hunt

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