Thursday, July 12, 2007

America Shrouds Detention Centers in Secrecy!

The Detention Centers are not prisons, they are much worse. They are torture chambers. Not only undocumented workers and their families are taken there, but innocent Hispanic American citizens as well. People in these centers are beaten, raped, tied up and moved to segregation. Guilty until proven innocent.

Hutto Detention Facility - TX
The T. Don Hutto "Residential Center" is an immigrant detention facility in Taylor, Texas operated by Corrections Corp of America. A former high-security state prison, it and a smaller center in Pennsylvania are the only two facilities in the United States that are authorized to hold non-Mexican immigrant families and children on noncriminal charges. Its purpose is to hold immigrant families while their applications for asylum are being considered. It began operating in the summer of 2006 and currently holds 375 prisoners, approximately 200 of which are children. Previously immigrants with children would be released with a notice to appear before an immigration judge. The policy has changed and now families are being locked up in prison cells until their status is determined. Detainees are a diverse group, they include single men with children, pregnant women, and infants.


Roberto said...

Unfortunately, this is what the leaders of the anti-immigration crowd want, however I truly doubt that the fringe supporters, the ones who have been fooled (frightened) into believing that immigrants are criminals and lepers (LOL!), would approve of this. Because, even though most Americans agree that something needs to be done to control the situation, most of them are not willing to allow America to devolve back to a time when government sponsored discrimination (fascism) was acceptable. Just as more and more Americans are separating themselves from their archaic pasts (ie. torture, death penalties, corporal and draconian punishments) and distance themselves from the archaic presents of Islamic Law Ruled nations, such as Iran and Afghanistan, they will not align themselves with American based internment camps. This is 2007 not 1942.

That said, over a year ago Halliburton (surprise, surprise) was awarded a contract by the current administration to build detention camps around the US. Why? Well, could be for detainment of suspected terrorists, could be for "enemy combatants" (any American citizen in accordance with the Patriot Act, LOL!), but it also could be for the mass detainment of illegal immigrants.

ultima said...

Dee saya,"The policy has changed and now families are being locked up in prison cells until their status is determined. Detainees are a diverse group, they include single men with children, pregnant women, and infants."

I wonder why. I believe you posted once that OTMs usually carry $3,000 with them just enough to bail themselves out of detention and disappear never to be seen again. Obviously, the explanation is that those released are never seen again. That would certainly justify a change in policy in my book. Maybe the Red Cross should be on scene to assure that detainees are being treated fairly, considering their illegal status. Another alternative is to deport immediately so they don't have to stay in these awful detention facilities.

Anonymous said...

Tomas Contreras stated he was taken to the detention center on Feb 9 and released on March 30, yet he claims it to be 81 days!! I only come up with, at best, 49 days, so either he is lying about being detained, or he can't seem to get his dates correct, in which case he has discredited himself for any factual testimony.

Dee said...

Ultima, What I said was, my cousin works in one of the TX Detention facilities. She said the Chinese (OTMs) illegal immigrants carry $3K with them at all times. They know this is the amount to bail themselves out. Therefore, even today, these illegal immigrants are not in these Detention facilities because they bail themselves out.

ultima said...

RE: the OTMs. Sound like exactly what I said. They have $3,000, bail themselves out and disappear forever. Now Mexicans may not have that much money but they sure know how to disappear and never be heard from again.

Dee said...

Ultima, I notice you didn´t mention the terrorism occurring within the detention centers. Doesn´t it bother you? These are women and children being raped and terrorized and no one is doing anything about it. I think it is deplorable. It must stop. We need to bring it to the forefront. Do you agree?

mirrorism said...

Enemy combatants?

whistleblower said...


Tomas is not, and was not a U.S. Citizen.

He possessed a faded out green card which led to further investigation and subsequently revealed a 1989 conviction for drug possession. (If pleading guilty, and paying a fine does not constitute one to be considered guilty, perhaps you should speak with Senator Larry Craig)

Tomas complains of atrocities that allegedly take place in the detention center, but does not say who is responsible for these atrocities. It is important to find out who is committing these crimes, isn't it?

Although Tomas is, for the most part, a good guy, with a good history in his community. The reason that he was detained was both reasonable, and lawful.

If you want more on this story, from his home town, you can read it at:

Dee said...

I pulled up your reference link and got "JS Online Whoops". Are you sure this is a correct link?

I would be interested in any links you may have. I do study my information and make sure I provide my readers accurate information.

As an additional fyi, my cousin works in a Detention Center and I know there are deplorable conditions in the detention centers themselves.

Please forward your links so I can study them and provide readers an update.


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