Monday, July 9, 2007

My Pet Peeves: Minority ANTIs

SUBJECT: Why do minorities jump on the ANTI Bandwagon and speak in favor of the ANTI agenda?

Response: Because they believe they will be held in high regard by the ANTIs, whether it be their boss, the media or public opinion on the internet.

What shall we call them? Wanti´s (Wannabe ANTIs)

Personally, I feel sorry for the Wanti´s. They are wannabe ANTIs. They wish they were Anglos. They are ashamed of their own ethnicity. They hide their eyes when a minority walks by. Worse yet, they may call them a name. My question is, how do they treat their own mother or grandmother? How do they treat those that marched in the civil rights movement? Are they in so much denial they forget where they come from?

Request: I ask them to study the issues. I ask them to study history. I ask them to read my Blog and email me. Let´s talk about it. It is not too late. We want you back!!


Anonymous said...

You should feel sorry for yourself for this diatribe BS. Your bio states you were born here and your parents and theres and theres, yet you feel the need to label yourself as an Mexican-American, why? I think your in denial about where you are and wish to be living in Mexico. You have some serious identity problems with yourself. Maybe you should see a doctor. I wish you the best of luck.

ultima said...

Why would one assume that minority Antis do not have the ability to examine the issues objectively and arrive at their own decisions regarding unfettered immigration? Especially without Dee's special brand of biased indoctrination. If I were a minority Anti, I would be grossly insulted by her post. Dee starts from the position that no argument has merit except her own and that there are no valid reasons why any minority should support the rule of law, legal immigration, no amnesty, limited legalization, a stable population, smaller family size, environmental protection, preservation of species, conservation of natural resources,etc. This is just more of her Hermandad de la Raza propaganda. I encourage all minorities to think for themselves and ignore Dee's brand of ethnic propaganda. She promotes raging ethnic politics, divisiveness, and disloyalty with her stands on illegal aliens and immigration.

Roberto said...
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Roberto said...

As a minority, I understand her pet peeve, and I am not offended by it at all. The fact of the matter is some of the most adamant "Antis" cannot separate an American with a last name of Rodriguez from an Illegal with the last name of Rodriguez. Or easier still, they cannot separate a Spanish speaking brown-skinned American from a brown-skinned Spanish speaking Illegal. That is why they feel as though America is being "invaded" when they look at the demographics of cities like Los Angeles and San Antonio, when in fact most of the Rodriguez, Martinez, Lopez, and Spanish speaking brown-skinned peoples residing in those cities are as American as they are.

Furthermore, some of these "Wantis" are first generation Americans, therefore most "Antis" would label them with the dehumanizing, deAmericaninzing, "anchor baby" tag, because their parents, more than likely, came over to the US illegally. So why should they be against illegals, when they would not be here if it were not for somebody in their bloodline coming over here illegally? Why should they, in effect, be against (hate) their own selves?

All of this rule of law talk is, or should be, a secondary concern to a minority, especially those of Spanish Catholic descent, because the Illegals are simply the "supply." All of this brouhaha over Illegals should be directed at those who fill the "demand" side of this equation (as her next blog post points out). In this case we, Americans, are Jack Palance and the Illegals are the sheepherder.

Americans - Pick up the dish washing pistol/baby/weedeater/saw.

Illegals - I don't want to pick it up mister. You'll call me an illegal and demonize me, you'll dehumanize my children and deAmericanize them by calling them "anchor babies" if I do.

Americans - Pick up the cooking pan/vacuum/shovel/lawn mower.

Illegals - Mister, I don't want no trouble. I just came here to work hard and to put my children through school to give them a better future than I could ever dream of. I don't even know what school is, but they go there 10 months out of the year, and learn all kinds of things. I ain't looking for no trouble mister.

Americans - Pick up the trash/mop/garden hoe/nail gun.

(The Illegals pick up the tools and start working. The Americans proceed to calling them Illegal aliens, demonizing them, and dehuminizing and deAmericanizing their American children.)

Americans - You all saw them, they came over here illegally and started working!

Of course, the "demand" is coming from Americans, and we are never going to see American turn against itself, as some of these "Antis" want the American descendants of these Illegals to do.

Dee said...

Roberto, Thank you for your feedback. You and I agree!! I have been doing some research on the Employers and their partnership with the Administration, the real culprits of the illegal immigration issue. They are the ones who seek, recruit and hire illegal immigrants, then intimidate their workers with threats. I will be posting this information next week. Please come back and visit me often!

ultima said...

Separating illegals from legal citizens can be difficult especially if they both look the same and speak the same language. Nothing unusual about that.

Anchor babies is an accurate descriptor for those who achieved citizenship via their illegal parents. There is nothing de-Americanizing or de-humanizing about that term. If such a child enables parents and other relative to achieve legal status, then indeed they have played the anchor baby role to the hilt.

What term do you suggest that is more descriptive? It has been clear for some time that illegals and tourists have been abusing the 14th amendment, creating anchor babies to achieve thier own goals.

If so many of the folks in SA and elsewhere are 1st generation because they were born here and for no other reason, then it is easy to see why there are so many of these instant citizens with no allegiance to the national interest. Their interest is only to La Hermandad de la Raza. They are unable to comprehend what unfettered immigration and abuse of the 14th will ultimately to America. It doesn't rally matter for what purpose they come here. The point is they are in the process of re-creating the very conditions they left their homeland to escape and in the process creating a new Mexico -- Mexico Norte. It is indeed say that so many that claim they love this country are so shortsighted that they are unable to see where this will all lead. Then where will their descendents go to find work and a better life having destroyed what there is of that in this country.

ultima said...

Anchor in the context of this post is anything or person who acts to hold himself fast, as to a place; anything that makes stable or secure or anything that is depended on for support or security. I see nothing pejorative about that definition or the term itself. It's always a good idea to check the dictionary before going off on a tangent. I don't see anything in that definition that suggests, in even the remotest sense, de-humanizing or de-Americanizing.

I think that if one were to check the census records for each of the last seven censuses for the populations of both SA and LA, the trend would be perfectly clear and that trend is appropriately labeled and invasion because of the sheer numbers of illegals who have now generated their anchor babies to balloon the population of both cities.

There was no one in my bloodline who came here illegally. That's the difference you don't choose to recognize because of La Hermandad de la Raza.

Most do not deny the need for some foreign workers but the numbers and the skills involved should be of our choosing not just whoever can violate the border.

I'm glad someone finally admitted that he doesn't believe in the rule of law, the very basis for civilized society. Taking this position helps us to understand how far from being Americans some folks really are.

Of course, every illegal has the option of not violating our borders to do menial tasks if they don't like it. I would prefer that they stay and fix their own country rather than creating a duplicate here, which is what they are doing with their increasing numbers. It is a sad testimony when someone fouls their own nest by sticking with the old ways and ancient religious doctrines that have produced poverty and suffering wherever they prevail in this world.

mirrorism said...

How can there be nothing de-Americanizing about the term anchor baby when you wish that they earn their citizenship? Do you realize how silly that sounds?

Just because they are not aligned with your side of this issue does not mean that they have no allegiance to America.

You remind me of those pro-war wackos who think you are against America if you are against the Iraq war.

Did you make it through public school system? No one can make it out of there without being indoctrinated to the American way of being. We said the Pledge of Allegiance every single morning! It was practically a church service every single day of the week for us.

When we watch or go to sporting events (yes, even soccer) we hear the Star Spangled Banner.

We get days off from work and school on historical important days of the year.

Few grow up in this country without one day growing to love it.

All that about this country becoming Mexico-Norte is a bunch of rubbish. I see no rational reason why I should further humor your twisted visions of the future.

But, again, who knocked down the Twin Towers? Where do you get those ideas if not from the knuckleheads on the radio, tv, or internet? You certainly don't get them from any rational person in this country. No rational person would feel threatened by minority group of people with no money, no power, no representation. No rational person that knows the true evils this country has overcome would worry about an
"invasion" of Mexicans.

mirrorism said...

If this country becomes a fascist country and beings to support government sponsored discrimination, basically if this country devolves, we can start calling the birth of Americans an invasion. As it stands today, the illegal immigrants do not constitute an invading force.

I don't understand where your bloodline matters here.

So what you're saying is that you want highly skilled peoples from other countries to fill the low-skilled work force? Whose choosing?

When Americans stop inviting illegal immigrants, when they stop hiring them, we can start talking about the "rule of law." Until then, they are just filling a demand.

Do you have nightmares?

ultima said...

Mirror your inconsistencies are so prevalent it is hard to know where to begin. First you take the position that we should not be fighting like cats and dogs but then go on to do exactly that with your demeaning remarks and irrational arguments.

Citizenship should always be earned not given away like a trinket in box of Crackerjack. In my mind, those who are the offspring of illegals should never have been considered Americans in the first place. But that is the law for now and unlike you, I believe in the rule of law even when I disagree with it.

Allegiance to America means a lot more than just alignment with the Anti side. It is a matter of principle: belief in the rule of law; support of the interests of one’s fellow citizens rather than those of foreigners and foreign governments; support of the national interest rather than the interests of foreigners and foreign governments; support of our flag, institutions, laws, constitution, culture, language. If you define allegiance in some other way maybe you should check your dictionary again.

There are some very stalwart citizens of the U.S. who think the Iraqi war is very important. Their views may be construed as considering those who oppose our efforts in Iraq to be against America and America’s best interests. Folks like Senators Graham and McCain. We have grown weary of this war as we frequently do when our youth are being slaughtered. I am reminded of a woman who wrote a letter to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal during the invasion of Iwo Jima: “Please for God’s sake stop sending our finest youth to be murdered on places like Iwo Jima. It is too much for boys to stand, too much for mothers and homes to take. It is driving some mothers crazy. Why can’t objectives be accomplished some other way. It is most inhuman and awful – stop, stop.”

Forrestal replied that the nation had the choice to run or fight, and the choice was to fight, not to be overrun, that there was no other possibililty.

While this woman’s plea is understandable, she obviously had no conception of what was at stake and what the necessary strategy and sacrifices were to win. Iwo Jima gave us three airfields from which to launch fighter support for bombing missions to Japan proper. Those same airfields enabled many badly damaged B-29s and their crews totalling over 3,000 men to be saved that otherwise would have ended up in the ocean with an uncertain fate. But then Forrestal was just another pro-war wacko.

ultima said...

Mirror said, "Did you make it through public school system? No one can make it out of there without being indoctrinated to the American way of being."

Why is it then there was a major controversy here in Denver when a high school banned the display of any flags because the Mexicans were insisting that their flag be displayed and a confrontation with Americans was developing? Does that sound like allegiance or indoctrination? Sounds more like capitulation to foreigners.

ultima said...

Mirror said, "All that about this country becoming Mexico-Norte is a bunch of rubbish. I see no rational reason why I should further humor your twisted visions of the future."

Denial is everywhere among the pros. Shortsightedness is a sickness among them. There are lesions on the immigration lobes of their brains. I mentioned Huntington Park, CA as the most Mexican town outside of Mexico. Anyone who is willing to take off the blinders would be able to see what is happening in California and elsewhere. That's the reality; nothing twisted about that vision. Feel free not to humor me with your cat and dog nonsense.

If you want to dispute the facts and have an intelligent discourse, I'm ready. But spare me your demeaning comments. You have no corner on the ability to analyze current events and conditions. I thought at first you were willing to concede that but I see you are not so there is probably little reason for you to respond to any of my posts.

ultima said...

Mirror said,"All that about this country becoming Mexico-Norte is a bunch of rubbish. "

There is all kinds of evidence out there if you would take the blinders off. I was watching a baseball game today between Milwaukee and Colorado. On the back of the Milwaukee team's unforms were the players names. On the front "Cerveceros". I take that to be Spanish for the time-honored name "Brewers", going back to the time when they were a minor league team. What's going on here if it isn't Mexico Norte? And this isn't even close to Mexifornia.

ultima said...

Without the support of all Americans, the nation, its ideals and its values will not survive. This is what is most disturbing about the shortsightedness of those who profess to be loyal Americans but who in fact and undeniably support foreigners, foreign interests, and foreign governments directly or indirectly, as well as the cheap labor and immigration lobbyists. That's not the way I spell loyal.

ultima said...

Mirror said, "I don't understand where your bloodline matters here."

I didn't bring it up you did. I was just responding. I guess you don't even read your own posts.

mirrorism said...

First, I didn't mean to provoke that sort of reaction with my post tone, I apologize for that.

"But that is the law for now and unlike you, I believe in the rule of law even when I disagree with it."

This wasn't always the case with you, you wanted retroactive changes to that rule of law. But, I'll take it.

"Allegiance to America means a lot more than just alignment with the Anti side. It is a matter of principle: belief in the rule of law;"

That is nice, but I think the law should be changed and so do you, and also, realize that there are millions of Americans breaking those same laws by hiring illegal immigrants. I know I am repeating myself here, but most of your focus is on the illegal immigrants themselves, when in fact, they are at the most 50% of the equation. They are not the root of the problem.

"Allegiance to America means a lot more than just alignment with the Anti side. It is a matter of principle: belief in the rule of law; support of the interests of one’s fellow citizens rather than those of foreigners and foreign governments; support of the national interest rather than the interests of foreigners and foreign governments; support of our flag, institutions, laws, constitution, culture, language."

So long as those foreigners and their governments are not enemies we can show favor to them. In fact, we can show favor to them even if they were (war protests).

This "us and them" "with us or against us" attitude should not ever be, because of our freedom of speech. Which actually applies to most of your diatribe about allegiance.

Freedom of speech is the reason why anyone can burn an American flag or make a thong out of it. It's the reason why people are free to speak any language the wish, and be a part of any culture they wish.

And about culture, there is no true broad defintion of American culture, Texas culture, for instance, is entrenched, no enriched, with Mexican culture, so is California. In that way, Hispanics here in Texas are part of the American culture.

But I did notice that there is one thing that you can't pick on Mexicans about, religion.

"If you define allegiance in some other way maybe you should check your dictionary again."

That's your definition of allegiance, my definition respects freedom of speech and thought.

I'm not going to get into Iraq, but I wouldn't compare World War II to Iraq, more like Vietnam.

mirrorism said...

I remember hearing about that, I think the school decided to do that for safety reasons. IIRC, the tensions between students were reaching a boiling point, kids dressing as if they were going to war can do that.

It didn't last long did it? And that was more of a reaction to the immigration debate, Hispanic Americans, are naturally conflicted in this debate, young ones, regularly act on emotion. Take away that debate and that would have never happened.

Either way, my point still stands, public school in the US shows you how to be an American, I would argue that is their main goal for the majority of the students. How to work (a lot and hard), what language will best advance you (English), what religion is most accepted (Christian), why you should be nice to each other ($), etc. etc.

mirrorism said...

This is what always happens in the cities that you have cited; white people leave (for various reasons, good jobs moved away first in Huntington Park), Hispanics move in, you call it an invasion.

Your reality is based on where you think this country is headed. No future is certain, therefore no future is fact, therefore there is no debating the facts of your future vision.

mirrorism said...

Ok, baseball is America's past time, but it is NOT just for English speaking Americans. They have a rich history of Latin American, Spanish speaking, ball players, most have come from countries like the Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, few from Mexico.

Gopher ball?

mirrorism said...

Freedom of speech and thought, we all have a right to any opinion we wish to have and a right to express that opinion. That's a loyal American.

mirrorism said...

"So why should they be against illegals, when they would not be here if it were not for somebody in their bloodline coming over here illegally? Why should they, in effect, be against (hate) their own selves?"

I was referring to the blood lines of the minorities against illegal immigrants. I would bet that the majority of them have had someone in their bloodline come over here illegally.

But you are right, I did not re-read the posts that you responded to, and I came across as an ass because of that. I apologize, but everyone has these turns, I won't take anything personally if you don't.

Anonymous said...

I am a Puerto Rican American. I totally disagree with your views. Not all minorities think the way you do. You definitely have identity issues. You are an American who has Mexican ancestry.
You married an Anglo American, if you were treated so badly by the gringos, why would you marry one?

Dee said...

Why do you call yourself Puerto Rican vs American?

Anonymous said...

To let you know that I too have ancestry with a hispanic minority.
But, have no doubt, I consider myself an American and am grateful
for all the opportunities this country has given me and my family. Again, with all your ant-American statements, how in the world did you marry a gringo? Is he a trophy for you? You definitely do not sound like an American, but a Mexican whose father probably talked about the hueros at the dinner table. Did your father teach you loyalty to this country? My parents taught me a work ethic, decency and a loyalty to this country. Sounds like your father left out the loyalty to this country part.

Dee said...

You sound very angry. My father was my hero. He was a very great man. He loved our USA. I am so sorry to hear you are so angry. That is a common attribute of all the ANTIs. Chin up Dear. Try to be proud of who you are and where you are and love Thy Neighbor!!

Anonymous said...

I treat my mother and grandmother with respect. How do you even talk to your mother who you have mentioned does not speak English?
How could she be in this country for so long and not learn English?
How many generations of the new illegal Mexicans will it take to learn English? Your mother didn't learn. Please share with all why she did not learn.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am not angry. Your father may be your hero, but he definitely did not instill a love of this country in you. I am very proud to be an American. You, I am sorry to say have deep issues that probably could be helped with therapy. Seriously, you need help. I feel sorry for you.

Dee said...

Just out of curiousity. What do you do when you see a Mexican American? Do you look them in the eye? Do you say hello? Do you ask for their ID because you think they are illegal? What do you do? Why are you so angry?

Dee said...

Ad Hominem attacks don´t work on me Dear. So you can blather all you will.

I love my USA. I am a proud American. I raised a glorious family.

What I write about is ANTIs. ANTIs are angry. As an American it is my duty to be very open and honest about what they do and share it with the community of Bloggers.

Dee said...

I´m running to the store now and will be back in an hour. Please write me back. I am interested in learning more about you.


Dee said...

Do you have a Blog? If so, please let me know the url so I can read yours. Also, if you want to write me, my email is

Katie's Dad said...

"They wish they were Anglos."

Said the ethnocentric b***h who ironically has a problem with what John Tanton says and does...

Dee said...

My Katie´s Dad, I hope you don´t use that language in front of Katie! Debate like an adult please.

Katie's Dad said...

Then don't so casually toss around the ethnic slurs yourself, sweetie. It's a pity you won't understand that.

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