Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rick Perry's BIG OOPS throughout the Ebola Crisis in Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry had the chance to be a Hero. He was not. Like most Republicans, he preaches about State's Rights. Perry bloviates about Big Government staying OUT OF TEXAS. He had the chance to prove himself right with his actions during the Ebola Crisis here in Texas. He FAILED.

On Sept. 28th, when Thomas Eric Duncan was admitted as America's 1st patient to be diagnosed with Ebola, Perry had the chance to work with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. In fact, on Oct. 1,  he held a news conference, assuring the public that “there are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenges posed by this case.” When more people were quarantined, he launched a task force and told Texans to “rest assured OUR SYSTEM is working as it should.”

Instead of following through on his promise, Rick Perry flew to Europe on October 12 on a political trip to advance his chances on becoming a political candidate. We Texans KNOW Perry's -- OUR SYSTEM did NOT WORK! The Hospital was not equipped nor trained to do the job!! Additionally, Rick Perry has NEVER supported Healthcare (Obamacare) nor has he supported Medicaid for our sick.

Perry's own experts have proved Perry Lied! Dr. Dan Varga, the chief clinical officer of Texas Health Resources, which owns the Dallas hospital has testified before Congress that the hospital's staff was NEVER FULLY TRAINED. They just received "guidelines" in July but NEVER received any face to face training.

Two nurses have been diagnosed with Ebola. Texas Hospitals weres not equipped to care for them. They were flown out of state. Today, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is a Ghost Town. The quarantined staff is staying away. Sick people refuse to go there.

Additionally, quarantined personnel have not been following the Self Quarantine process. They are travelling, going on cruises, going to hair and manicure salons and potentially infecting other people.

On October 1, 2014, Rick Perry held a news conference. He launched a task force and told Texans to “rest assured OUR SYSTEM is working as it should.”

The next reporter that asks him about his "Ebola Taskforce," I know what Rick Perry's answer will be. "Ooops!"

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