Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RECALL Michigan gov Rick Snyder for hiw Cowardly Union Attacks!

Rick Snyder should be recalled! What their gov is doing is outrageous. How dare him, in a lame duck session, push forward and SNEAK IN such a heinous bill calling for the END of Unions. I wonder how many people think that Big Business will be generous and allow workers to receive a fair wage, healthcare, overtime pay, a 40 hour workweek and vacation time, all just out of the goodness of their hearts? I wonder how many people think that Big Business will forego their outrageous bonuses, and stop cheating on their taxes by hiding their riches in hidden overseas accounts, all because they are so very honest.

I am so angry at that cowardly, sneaky and conniving Michigan gov Rick Snyder What a Coward! How dare him! How dare the COWARD! I ask ALL Michigan residents to advocate a RECALL against that COWARD! RECALL SNYDER! RECALL SNYDER! RECALL SNYDER!

I wonder how many people have studied the history of our country and read about the abuses against workers, starting with the history of slavery, the abuses against minorities including "Operation Wetback" and other abuses, (latinos, asians and others) all to support "Manifest Destiny." Nothing has come easy.

However the Blood, Sweat and Tears of our hardworking and protesting forefathers have gotten us to our current state we have today. Now the heinous, greedy Rick Snyder is out to abolish unions and abolish all of the successes the Unions have achieve to date. RECALL SNYDER! RECALL SNYDER! RECALL SNYDER!


Anon4 said...

Rick Snyder says Don't hit a man when he's down - KICK HIM, its easier. Republicans in Michigan have full control of the House, Senate and the governor. Democrats are down because of gerrymandering. For proof, just look at the map for the 14th congressional district.

Anonymous said...

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