Monday, December 3, 2012

Republicans are Sneaky & Nasty! Propose Keeping Tax Cuts for Rich while Insisting Upon Massive Cuts to Social Security & Medicare!

Today, the Republicans in Congress, led by John Boehner and Paul Ryan, have just outed themselves! Horrible! John Boehner made an AWFUL counter proposal to our President today regarding the Fiscal Cliff.

Here is what Republicans are proposing:
1. NOT ENDING TAX CUTS for Rich: Boehner said NO to the President's proposal to end Tax Cuts for the Rich 2%! Instead, he proposed....

2. CUTTING Social Security: SS is SOLVENT until 2033. Yet Boehner and the Republicans are asking for $200 billion through revising the Cost of Living "CPI". This means that those on SS will see IMMEDIATE CUTS in their Social Security benefits. No more cost of living increases...instead, if approved, each retiree will see a CUT of up to $1000 each month by the time they reach 75.

3. RAISE MEDICARE ELIGIBILTY AGE TO 66 - 70: $600 billion in Medicare savings that would include raising the eligibility age and "structural Medicare reform." That's what they euphemistically call Ryan's voucher system, but it's not clear from the information available if that's what they're talking about now.

4. $800 billion in unspecified "pro-growth tax reform that closes special-interest loopholes and deductions while lowering rates."

5. $300 billion in other "mandatory" savings, including farm subsidies. No further details there.

6. $300 billion in further unspecified discretionary cuts.

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