Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mexican American and Frustrated by Lack of Movement on Immigration Reform

Here we are during the Holiday Season.
We are in the 5th year of our President's tenure.
We have no movement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

I know the issues. I know the Problems.
Republicans have one agenda.
Democrats, a different agenda.

Republicans, especially the extremists, want to close the borders and deport everyone who does not have citizenship.
Democrats want Immigration Reform, but lack the strength to take a stand to pass it.

I have to give it to Republicans and all people who thrive in HATE for their strength and determination. They are willing to be demonized, ridiculed, hated, attacked, voted out of office, and they still stand their ground. They don't care about polls. They don't care that main street America disagrees with them and ridicules them. They stand their ground and still fight.

Democrats, on the other hand, always try to be politically correct. They thrive on polls and popularity. They continue to apologize for their views if they get a bad poll. Apologize and beg for forgiveness. Where are their guts?

Here I sit. Frustrated. Knowing Mexican Americans and Latinos are on the RIGHT SIDE of History. Immigration Reform is the right thing to do. (Like Healthcare, Civil Rights and so many other humanitarily correct philosophies).

What is the resolution? Do we have to wait until the 2014 elections?
I honestly don't know.
So here I sit.
Not willing to post on my Blog every day anymore.
I still believe in Truth, Justice, America - the Land of Immigrants and Immigration Reform.
But I am NOT willing to be a pawn of those pushing forward a political agenda.

I DEMAND Comprehensive Immigration Reform for the Sake of Humanity and because it is the Right Thing to Do for OUR America!!


Felix Jaure said...

"What is the resolution? Do we have to wait until the 2014 elections?"

Dee, The resoulution was already given to us on a cross over two thousand years ago.

Emma Watson said...

It is fact that we have to wait until 2014 we don't have any other option.Shit

Apply for h1b Visa said...

Not sure how to address either the former BP person or David on their points. The first, anonymous, is a bit snarky (expected; I don't put too much stock in his reaction); let him enjoy HIS version of Mexico. The second one could be spot-on about the storage use of the cages; makes sense, although why they are where they are for his reasons remains to be explained. I have trouble with the notion of keeping thieves out, though. If true, then the BP is rather careless with the equipment they buy with our tax dollars. Also, WHY would they be needed so close to the Douglas crossing (numerous on-duty BP personnel in their own rigs; flood lights; and a formidable barrier) - not that I am any expert on how they do their job logistically, but why store vehicles that close to the ICE crossing with that much security when their own compound is just a few miles to the west and about a half klick north. I do lots of field work on ATVs at times. As for other gear? What gear? Maybe his explanation is true, but if so, it seems very inefficient and katty-wampus...

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