Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tide is Turning to PRO Side (As I Predicted It Would!)

As usual, I have been perusing the News Articles, OpEds and Blogs around the country. I´ve been noticing a change. There are a significantly higher number of PROs.

From Blogs to news articles, more and more reporters, commentators and Bloggers are preaching the PRO Comprehensive Immigration Reform perspective.

I knew this day would come!! Truth and Justice always have a way of reaching the surface and staying on top as the other side flails in the winds of corruption and dishonesty.

Here is an example from Business Week:
Immigration policy should facilitate the movement of people, just as trade policy facilitates the movement of goods. From an economic perspective, this is a no-brainer. Right now, there are massive differences across countries in the rewards that skills garner. According to a new paper from Mark Rosenzweig, an economist at Yale, immigrants to the U.S. who are high school graduates earn far more than they did in their home countries. The same is true for college grads. An immigrant from Mexico with a college degree can earn almost 10 times more in the U.S. compared with what he or she would receive in Mexico.

In such a world, an open immigration policy produces massive gains to trade, as people move to countries that can make the best use of their skills and pay them accordingly. It's unambiguously good for the overall global economy if an entrepreneurial Mexican or Chinese can move to the U.S. and start a new business. Similarly, it's good that an ambitious and smart young Russian or Indian can move to the U.S., go to business school, and become a hot-shot consultant or an investment banker, either in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Such a world of open borders would mimic, on a larger scale, the situation that already exists within the U.S. People can move long distances from one part of the country to another, chasing better jobs and higher pay. Florida and Arizona do not erect barriers saying, "No more immigrants from the Midwest." Instead, they welcome them and even boast about the number of people moving to their states as a driving force for growth.
What are the objections to such an open-borders policy? The obvious one is that letting in a higher number of immigrants would drive down wages. However, economist David Card, of the University of California at Berkeley, has shown that there's little evidence that pay has gone down significantly in cities with large immigration populations (see BusinessWeek.com, 5/08/06, "The Economic Case For Legalizing Illegals").


One more note: I´m giving a shout out to our friends at Tony´s of Kansas City and KC Blue Blog, two PRO Blogs rated number 1 and 6 most influential Blogs in Missouri. Tony was gracious enough to recommend my blog to many other sites during my opening in May. Thank you Tony!!


patriot said...

Dream on, razazita. You and yours will never win this battle. You are comparing the movement of Americans within their own country as being the same as illegal aliens from foreign countries violating our immigration laws? And you call yourself an American?

All this talk of a global economy as if MONEY is more important than secure borders and countries being able to retain their national sovereignties and their national identities and to keep their populations down to a sustainable level. Your priorities are so screwed up that it is pathetic.

Liquidmicro said...

If you are talking about blogs like KCBlueBlog, give me a break, he has so few comments in most of his topics, and most topics have no comments, that it is not surprising that he ranked 6 out of 20 for the KC area, Yep, Dee, that sure is a lot of people on your side.

Most 'PRO' blogs as you call them, forget to mention most of the actual data in an article and they do the same as you, pick one word or phrase and base your opinion on it, without comprehending any of the facts.

This article from Business Weekly (some Idiot writers opinion) is a good example of that, it talks about 'Immigrants', not 'Illegal Immigrants', states if they come here with a better than high school education, they are a benefit, which I am sure most would agree too, however it fails to distinguish between 'Legal' and 'Illegal' and makes one lump decision based on educated immigrants, when most 'Illegal Immigrants don't have an education much past the 6th grade.

Here is the link to Dee's cut and paste article from Business Weekly - Bordering on Absurdity
Cars can move more easily from country to country than people, and that is crimping both human potential and economic growth

Liquidmicro said...

Exactly how is the tide turning??, your cut and paste article is from May 2006, OH, wait, you couldn't comprehend the date of over 16 months old. Now I get it.

Dee said...

Liquid, Liquid, Liquid,
Read my first line. I said I was seeing many more Blogs and articles from the PRO perspective on the net. Actually, I saw this article in a recent Blog. Let me show you how to search, go to Google. On the top of the page, you will see various Google search options. Click on Other. From the drop down, click on Blog Search. I usually type in Immigration Mexican American (cuz I like to see my blog in print at the top of the page) but this also shows me the most recent blogs with these words in them. Sometimes I just type in Immigration. I see more and more Blogs from the PRO perspective. A few months ago, there may have been 1 or 2. Now I´m seeing a good 20 - 30 percent (depends on the day and the news). This is a big increase. That was my point.

Dee said...

Pat, if you want to name me an "ita" name, try Americana Chulita.

Liquidmicro said...

Nowhere, in what you state, does it say that the article was seen in a recent blog, and had you done some research on it you would have seen that it is over 1 year old and not worth posting.

You need to post articles or links that are more in line with what you are saying, as in your beginning paragraphs, and not post a cut and paste to an outdated article that doesn't have anything to do with your topic headline.

Liquidmicro said...

Based on your observation of seeing more and more PRO sided Blogs and articles, you claim it to be a "Tide Turning prediction", I think that since your search is conduced by stating - "this also shows me the most recent blogs with these words in them", you do note the word 'recent', a lot of the articles are in order of appearance from point of search backwards, thus your prediction is skewed.

A lot of topics that come up on the blogs are news articles that are chosen for their view. There are only actually a couple of bogs that deal specifically with 'Illegal Immigration' on your 'PRO' side. Most blogs are mixing in an "Illegal Immigration' topic with more news that either pertains to their local area on the state, county, or city side, or there are blogs geared more towards the federal side.

There are far more Blogs dealing with 'Illegal Immigration' only on our side, even still. However, not to deny you much, but the few 'PRO' side blogs there are, have very few responses from people agreeing with the owner, and most responses I have read on their sites, are from our side pointing out their misquoting or false data and accusations.

Dee said...

Liquid, Can I tell you something? I do like you. I do feel honored that you participate on my blog. You are smart. You are a skilled researcher. You test my skills.

Sometimes you talk about the "win-lose" rejoicing I do sometimes? I know you are smart. Sometimes, you above all do challenge me. So when I beat you (and you know sometimes I do-- think of Lady Macbeth) I rejoice.

You know what? The bottom line is, everyone here, all of us... We Love America. We know, each of us, we Know things are screwed up. So we, as Americans, are Speaking Up.

I think that is a good thing.

When I say the tide is turning, what I am saying is, more and more people are participating in this Immigration decision and they are making up their own minds.

I am noticing that more and more people are leaning more middle than before. I know more PROs are posting. As I said, when I first started my blog, maybe 5% were posting PRO. Now, I see maybe 20 to 30 percent are posting PRO.

I do not say it is a majority, I just see more. That is my point.

You know what Liquid?
I am very glad you post here and discuss issues with me and us.

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