Sunday, March 2, 2008

Predicting the March 4, 2008 Winners in TX and Ohio:

My March 4 Predictions:
Clinton: 57%
Obama: 43%
1. Clinton: 63%
2. Obama: 37%

Clinton, the Winner in both states.
I visited my relatives in San Antonio so I had about 10 hours of drive time this weekend. Since I need to stay awake for the drive, I stayed on the AM dial, flipping talk radio stations from city to city.
Let me start with the AM Shock Jocks:
They hate Obama. They are deplorable and they focused primarily on attacks on Obama. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and ALL THE LOCALS, all of them, they ranted and ranted against Barack Huuuuuusssseeeiiinnnne Obama! All the rumors you hear about on the GOP and ANTI websites about Obama… the outfit, the church, the middle name (we should be able to use his middle name, is this America?? where there is smoke there is fire.....) it was ALL OVER THE PLACE! Then they went on and on… blah blah blah as the callers called in and wink wink elbow, elbow, …it is NOT me saying this, it is the CALLER!

I remember one elderly gentleman caller who said, “I don´t care! Anyone who hides his middle name has something to hide!” (wink, wink, terrorist) Then the AM Shock Jock saying, “Callers, let me know if you agree with me and my buddy Bob” as he requested callers to call in.
Nobody, none of these callers listen to Meet the Press or Chris Matthews on MSNBC Hardballin´ Around! These were good ole boys listenen´ to their their Local AMShockJocks as they do, Monday through Saturday, every day when they git up and work their tractors. This is heartland America. This is NOT the "Bradley" effect as occurred in LA. This is the "Good Ole Boy" effect!
I heard a few of them saying, “I am doing as Ann Coulter told us to do. I hate McCain for supporting the illeeeeeeeeeeegals! I am voting for Hillary just to show Dubya that he and the Republicans gotta change their ways!!”
As far as my predictions for Ohio, Ohio has been and will continue to be behind Clinton. They want a return to the prosperity of the 90´s. Who better than Hillary to get us there.
These are my predictions. Let´s see how close to correct I am.


patriot said...

Clinton may take Ohio but I doubt she will win Texas. From what I read on all the "pro" sites, Hispanics think Obama is their new savior and since Texas has a large population of Hispanics....well. He has done a nice job of suckering them in though, lol.

Dee said...

I would have said the same Pat except for my trip this weekend.

The AM Shock Jocks, especially the local ones, were just beating up Barack. They were STUCK on his middle name.

It was just pitiful!

And the callers! They were just mean and nasty about it.

I don´t understand why they were so angry just about somebody´s middle name. They don´t even know him! Especially the older men! It was awful!!

Dee said...

Also, I thought it was interesting they HATED McCain too.

They were going on and on about McCain and Amnesty. Then they said they need to teach the current administration a lesson. It was all just hateful stuff!!

Dee said...

The only good thing was, all this very energetic conversation kept me awake.

patriot said...

I am sure none of the callers demoralizing Obama were Hispanics so you missed my point.

Yes, conversative Republicans do hate McCain and will either write in their own candidate, vote independent or jump to the other party just to show their disatisfaction with the probable Republican nominee. Those jumping over to the Democrat side will probably vote for Hillary, the lesser of two evils. But Hispanics still outnumber conservative Republicans in Texas therefore I believe that Obama will carry Texas.

Dee said...

You are right on one thing. There were no Hispanic callers. They were mostly white, older men.

As far as Hispanics, based on the Hispanic Blogs I am affiliated with in Texas, the older Latino voters are for Hillary. Actually most over 30.

It is the younger ones and a few males for Obama.

I see most support for him in Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin. I don´t follow Houston too closely but do hear there is support for him there.

dianne said...

Holy cow Dee. If Clinton wins by those margins, I'm going to really start listening to you .. lol j/k

As you know, I don't like Obama either and I've listed lots of reasons before on this blog. And, I don't like McCain either. Although I am a conservative, there are things about Hillary I really like, so if she wins, I'm not going to be too upset.

As far as the talk shows, all the ones you listed are conservative shows. Sure, there are some rough comments, but if you want a dose of bad mouthing from liberals, just hop on over to Daily Kos. It's sickening. Venom is not limited to conservatives.

Dee said...

Hey Dianne,
I was over at Daily Kos today. I posted my predictions over there since I havent posted a diary there yet.
I got quite a few responses. Of course, they did not believe my predictions would come true though.

patriot said...

Obama claims to be even more liberal on illegal immigration than Hillary and that is why he will take Texas and the Hispanic vote. Which brings out the question, "why does one have to be liberal on illegal immigration to gain the Hispanic vote", lol! It is very telling, isn't it?

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