Thursday, March 13, 2008

ANTIs In Congress To FORCE Introduction of SAVE ACT (GESTAPO Bill)

As I predicted the ANTIs in Congress are getting ready to push the heinous and misnamed SAVE (GESTAPO) Act. (read about the Gestapo Bill-Save Act here).

John Tanton´s ANTI Group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has published this report indicating they will attempt subversive measures in order to FORCE the heinous SAVE Act to be introduced before Congress:
Congress May Debate SAVE Act Legislation Soon
Tuesday, supporters of the SAVE Act (H.R.4088) filed a discharge petition in the House of Representatives in an attempt to force a vote on the House floor. The SAVE Act, introduced by Congressman Heath Shuler (D-NC) is an enforcement-only immigration reform bill that, among other things, mandates that employers verify the work eligibility of new hires by using the E-verify system. As introduced, the SAVE Act has 141 cosponsors, 93 Republicans and 48 Democrats. If at least 218 Representatives sign on to the discharge petition,it will be enough to force the SAVE Act directly to the House floor for a vote. By Tuesday evening, Representative Thelma Drake (R-VA) who introduced the petition, had collected 135 signatures: 128 from Republicans, and seven from Democrats. (CQ Today, March 11, 2008) As of Wednesday afternoon, House staff has informed FAIR that the discharge petition has received 150 signatures. According to CQ Today, party leaders disagree as to whether the discharge petition will be successful. "I think some of those Democrats will sign. But there was a lot of pressure on Democrats not to sign," said House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO). He added that "the next few weeks, when members will be home for spring recess, will be crucial." But Democratic leaders seemed skeptical, saying they doubted Republicans would be able to get all 198 Republicans to sign on. Without unity with in the Republican party, they argued, the question of Democratic signatures would be moot. (CQ Today, March 11, 2008)
Read the full Legislative Update
Note to Readers: A number of ANTI websites including FAIR, NumbersUSA, and others are providing their members (blind followers) free fax and form letters for emails. They are being asked to mass call and deluge Congress´emails and faxes. The ANTI sites are keeping track and hounding all Congress members who have not signed on. Here is an example of what the ANTI sites are saying. READ HERE
Update: email from Roy Beck to followers:
DEAR FRIENDS, Our allies in Congress are asking you to make phone calls before 7 p.m. EDT this afternoon to keep open an incredible window of opportunity in the fight against illegal immigration. Members of the House go home this evening. We need as many as possible to sign the Discharge Petition to create the right kind of momentum during the upcoming two-week recess. Read below about the phone calls most needed this afternoon. Can you believe it? Since Tuesday, 168 Members of the U.S. House have signed the Discharge Petition to go around House leadership and force a vote on H.R. 4088, the SAVE Act by Rep. Shuler (D-N.C.). That leaves us only 50 to go! The SAVE Act would, within 4 years, remove nearly all illegal aliens from legitimate U.S. jobs! Nothing is more important in the fight against illegal immigration. Although Discharge Petitions rarely succeed, and although the DC media are writing that we will fail, we know from past experience that we have the ability to create so much constituency pressure that political miracles often occur. Your phone calls and faxes already this week are the chief reason for getting to 168. But these last 50 are going to be much harder to get. PLEASE GO TO YOUR NumbersUSA Action Buffet at right now and use the phone and fax notes to add fuel to the fire on the Hill before the Members of the House go home.


ultima said...

My Democrat Congressman is a co-sponsor of this bill. I have encouraged him to sign the discharge petition. Seems like the Democrats are afraid to let the Congress vote on this bill.? Why? Don't they believe in the democratic process? Apparently not. No bill should be bottled up in committee or by the unilateral action of the likes of Pelosi.

Indulging in more hyperbole are we? What's with this Gestapo nonsense? I expected better of you, Dee. Again you have shown that you are not really interested in secure borders.

ultima said...

The SAVE bill is at best a very modest bill. I would have made it much stronger.

ultima said...

Here is an example of how modest this bill is: "... among other things, mandates that employers verify the work eligibility of new hires by using the E-verify system."

I know of no reason why all employees not just new hires should be subject to work eligibility verification.

It is a gross insult to all the pro-legals to say that we are a bunch of blind followers. We are fully capable of evaluating the merits of any bill that comes before the congress or any other matter. I am surprised that you are being so nasty about this bill given the number of co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle. I guess you believe in democracy only when it serves your purposes. You are sadly mistaken if you think the pro-legals fax and write their congressmen solely on the basis of a nudge from NumbersUSA or anyone else. I'm sure if the pro-illegals had a similar capability, they would be also be blind followers, to use your pejorative term.

Why not put this bill to the test and let the congress vote on it? Perhaps it is you who are involved in Gestapo tactics by opposing a simple up or down vote on this bill>

patriot said...

dee, you are incorrigable. "Gastapo Bill"? You sure have shown your true colors in this topic. As Ultima said, you aren't interested in sanctioning the employers as you have claimed because that is just what this bill will do. You want the employers punished but not the illegals. You are plainly being biased and unfair. You don't want secure borders either as you have claimed because you want to make sure that there are enough holes for the illegals to keep climbing through. Perhaps you should give up your U.S. citizenship and move to Mexico.

Dee said...

As we have discussed, this Bill requires the 12M (20M with their children) to leave within 4 years. That is deportin 5M per year by 2012. It calls for the staffing of additional crony Contractors. We all know murderous Blackwater has already built stations along the border awaiting the passage of this heinous bill. We will have Operation Wet-back all over again!

This is a despicable bill!

Dee said...

We also know that Blackwater has already built and tested unmanned aircraft for not only border towns but for increased monitoring of citizens in their neighborhoods. As I have reported, they have already tested them in the Houston area.

Dee said...

I think it is quite a coincidence that Congressman Shuler the person who sponsored this heinous bill is from NC, just like Blackwater. Look at how out of control Blackwater was when they patrolled in New Orleans. Look how heinous they were in Iraq! This bill has to be stopped!

Dee said...

Pat, I know you and yours won´t be satisfied until you have all Latinos Racially Profiled and you have every family whose papers may have lapsed in a deplorable Detention Center! Shame on you!!

patriot said...

dee, you are full of it. The SAVE ACT would take 4 years to complete and it isn't demanding that the illegals leave within 4 years. It is just presumed that they will self-deport with no jobs anymore.

In Operation Wetback it wasn't self-deportation it was mandatory deportation and some citizens got caught up in it too. This time everyone will have 90 days to prove that they have a legal right to live and work here. That is ample time to ensure that Operation Wetback doesn't occur again in the same manner. Besides it will effect all illegal aliens not just the Mexican kind so you can't call it Operation Wetback.

patriot said...

Don't start accusing me of racism against Latinos again, dee. I am warning you for the last time!

I advocate whatever the law requires whenever people's papers have expired or those who never had any in the first place, nothing more and nothing less.

No, shame on your for your hate speech, race card pulling and name calling of which you constantly deny that you do. Civil debate, yeah right dee. Better change some of your mission statements on your blog because they are all lies then.

Dee said...

The saddest thing is this bill is about deporting 12 - 20M people within 4 years. This bill involves racial profiling as they gather the 20M. There are plans for raids and sweeps and proactive roundups of those they believe are illeeeeegal!

This bill involves increasing the rate of Contractors to help with security and these sweeps. Blackwater has built numerous enforcement centers along the southern borders in anticipation of stepping in and serving as contractors. Blackwater has already tested unmanned aircraft. They tested in Houston. They plan on using these unmanned aircraft to patrol the borders and towns, some towns not even close to the border. We will become a Military State!!

You know this Patriot! You know this!!!!
How dare you deny this!!

This is a Heinous Gestapo Bill and you know this!!

patriot said...

Are you just being dense on purpose, dee? Why are you lying about it? It isn't about mass deportation of the illegals it is about assuming self-deportation if they don't have jobs. What is sad about illegal aliens leaving our country anyway? What kind of an American are you?

There is no racial profiling involved either. The employers will have to use the e-verify system for all their employees not just Hispanics.

I thought you wanted the borders secured? Now you are complaining about it? What a joke you are, dee.

Dee said...

Ridiculous Pat!
I have said all along I am for secure borders.
What does that have to do with the 12M here? Most have been here +5 - 20+ years and have been working and contributing.
You are talking about deporting 12M - 20M (with their citizen children) within 4 years through enhanced workplace sweeps and other enhancements. This is the scary part. This is where racial profiling occurs. The bill calls for contractors to conduct sweeps and border protection. Blackwater is already on the border awaiting passage of this bill. They are talking about increased number of Detention Centers. Whole families are housed in these centers.

I will be updating the info this weekend on Blackwater and other contractors lying in wait for this bill to pass. They are counting their profits from this now!

patriot said...

dee, the SAVE ACT is about securing our borders too. You are now complaining about the method they might use. The issue here is the SAVE ACT, right?

There is no point in even discussing this with you dee because you don't even want the employers to be held responsible for having legal workers on their payroll, another part of the SAVE ACT.

You keep saying you want secure borders and employers sanctioned and this bill will do that. Why bother to keep repeating that you want those things and yet we have a bill that will do just that and you complain!

Also, you keep bringing up racial profiling with this new bill but the bill states that employers will have to the check ALL of their employees. Do you have some kind of mental block on the facts? You can't process them in your little head?

Note that Schuler (sponsor of the SAVE ACT) needs 218 co-sponsors to get this thing to a floor debate/vote, and he already has 136 including 46 Democrats and 90 Republicans. There are many more Republicans who have not yet signed on and who likely would. 218 is also the figure the bill needs to pass the House, So if they can get it onto the floor by the discharge petition manuever they probably can pass it.
The Senate would also likely pass it also, and Bush would likely sign it.

Read it and weep, dee.

Dee said...

You are wrong, as usual Pat.
Read the article I posted. All those ANTI Hate Groups like Fair, NumbersUSA and Alipac are mass mailing the reps who haven´t signed to try to get 218 signatures in the House to force it to the floor for a vote. They are going out of process and vainly trying to force this bill to a vote, out of process. Read the Article. They don´t have the 218 signatures and in order to get it to the Senate for a vote, it will take 2/3s of the reps in congress to pass it to go to the senate. It will not pass. But I am making it my mission to alert as many people as possible on every board possible to let them know we need to rally to stop it before it accidently slips through by the ANTI groups that are trying to force it through.

I know you dont mind Racial Profiling, the $$ for the crony contractors or all the families that will end up in those heinous detention centers. This bill is evil!!

We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform, not this Hate Bill!!

dianne said...

It's pretty clear that Dee wants the door shut only after everyone who is already here and on their way here is legalized. I think a big part of this has to do with the fact that there are a lot of blended families, legal & illegal and there will have to be some choices made as to who goes and who stays, all or some or none.

I can understand that's going to be tough. Family separation is always hard. It's hard on people behind bars and their families. It's hard on military families. It's hard on families of divorce. It was hard on me when I moved from Wisconsin and couldn't afford to get back home except for once a year for a few days. But you know what all of these examples I have just given have in common with families who may be separated by illegal immigration? The answer is choice. Somewhere somebody made choices that involve consequences. In the case of military families, that choice involves risk of life..of never seeing your family again but nobody makes a military person join the military. It's choice. In the case of illegal immigrants, it may mean temporary separation or it may mean the whole family moving back to where they came's choice.

dianne said...

Didn't finish the above post about choice.

The illegal immigrant made a choice to begin with. He/she knew the risks associated with that choice...deportation. Maybe he went on to make further choices, like marrying or having children, involving others in his/her choice. And now, with enforcement taking center stage in states and the federal government, those choices that the illegal immigrant made initially are going to have to be dealt with.

I hardly think one can compare the SAVE Act with The Gestapo.

Dee said...

At least you are acknowledging that the SAVE Act is about all 12M (20M with their children) are expected to Leave this country within 4 years through workplace sweeps and strict enforcement. The bill calls for contractors like Blackwater for this stricter enforcement. The plans call for an increased number of family Detention Centers, the heinous dentention centers I have written about frequently. The plan calls for contractors like Blackwater to utilize unmanned aircraft to patrol not only the borders but cities where high rates of illegal immigrants are thought to live. Blackwater has already tested these unmanned aircrafts in Houston. We are talking 20M people who have lived here +5 - 20+ years who have established roots and many who have no country to return to because of the wartorn countries they originated from.
Four years!! Strict Enforcement! Reporting to ensure the strict enforcement occurs. We will live in a military state and you do not see the similarities to a Gestapo State!
None are so blind as those that will not see.
Very, very sad.
I pray the bill does not pass!!

Anonymous said...

Patriot = RACIST!!! Just like the rest of the ANTI's that are wanting a Mayberry Society. Stop fooling yourselves and admit to it. This country is multi-cultural. Face it and get over yourself.

patriot said...

Oh, dee stop posting under anonymous now so you can call me a racist. You are hilarious. "Mayberry"? How many times have you thrown that one into your lame arguments?

Whites liking Mayberry is no different than Hispanics liking their barrios. It just means you are more comfortable among those you can relate too. Of course you try to make the Mayberry concept into something racist while Hispanics are even more admamant about retaining their culture and language in their neighborhoods and countries but that isn't considered racist by you. Hypocrite!

You gave yourself away on this one dee mentioning Mayberry and typing ANTI in Caps, lol!!!! Having a little night cap tonight are we?

Dee said...

Poor Pat. Now you are talking to yourself.
I don´t need to post under anon!
I have many readers who email me who choose not to fight. I guess you got someone fed up!
You should be used to it though.

dianne said...

I do agree that the end result of the SAVE Act is that if people can't work, then they will be forced to leave because nobody can survive without a job or assistance of some kind. I believe the 4 year period comes in associated with the number of years that the businesses will have to start using e-verify. So, is that where you are getting the 4 year period from, Dee?

Look, we all know in the end there is going to be some kind of compromise, something that will expand the temporary worker program and something that will not make getting legal citizenship a 10 year process. I think what most of the "antis" want is for the continous stream of illegal immigrants to end and end now and to get real about securing the border before an amnesty is given to 20 million people who will in turn bring in three or four times more million
till we are flat broke in this country.

Have a good weekend everybody. I'm exhausted.

patriot said...

Sure dee, everyone uses the Mayberry argument and types anti in caps. What a coincidence, right? LOL!

It is you who has been in a fighting mood all week. It happens everytime something in congress is going on that isn't favorable to your side. You come in here like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth everytime.

Anonymous said...


Mayberry is part of your posting vocabulary-patriot is right! You say you are "That Girl". You are so not "that girl", believe me.
You are so mixed up about who you are, husband anglo, children 1/2 anglo, daughter-in-laws-anglo? maybe, maybe not. You embraced the American language and culture but never developed a loyalty to this country. You are so un-American. Family here for hundreds of years but your own mother never learned English, how did that happen? I feel sorry for you, I truly do.

Dee said...

What you term "mixed up", in reality, is our beautiful multi cultural American society. Apparently you do not understand this. All ethnicities inter-marry in our open, free, multi cultural society. Haven´t you noticed? Are you so isolated you are not aware of this? We have every ethnicity in my family. I am sure most in America can say the same.

If you believe otherwise, it is you who are living in a fantasy land.

We are the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave in our Beautiful Multi Cultural Society! God Bless the Beautiful Children!!

patriot said...

Too bad dee that you don't know the difference between race and culture. We have several different races in this country but only one blended, dominant and identifying culture.

Try not to drool all over yourself in your multi-cultural fantasy.

Dee said...

I feel sad for you. You don´t understand our Great USA!
We are a multi cultural society.
We are thriving!

You seem to be lost in some vanilla, mono cultural cell. Kinda scary when you think about it.

We will continue to live on and thrive. Once you decide you want to join us in our multi cultural society, just say Hello!

Dee said...

The bottom line is however, this heinous bill cannot pass. Given all we know, we do not want to move to a Gestapo state!

All signs tell us this bill will NOT pass, especially before the election.

After the election, we can look forward to Comprehensive Immigration Reform! CIR

patriot said...

No, I feel sad for you dee that you are in denial that we have one unified culture but many races in this country. We have our own identity in this country. You are trying to make it into many identities and it simply isn't true per se.

You are the one that needs to get back to reality and stop thinking that this country is based on Hispanic culture. It isn't! What has vanilla or chocolate to do with it? Americans come in many skin colors.

You Hispanics are the ones seperating yourselves from the rest of us.

Dream on about the SAVE ACT not passing. There is nothing Gestapo about it but at least by using that word you have defined yourself as a disloyal American. But of course we all knew that all along. You just keep confirming it for us. You'll not get the kind of CIR you and your ilk are advocating and you can take that to the bank!

Dee said...

sorry Pat. You stay in denial. You refuse to acknowledge the truth.

We are a multi cultural society. NOT plain vanilla as you wish it would be.

The facts are this heinous bill cannot pass. Given all we know, we do not want to move to a Gestapo state!

patriot said...

Nope! We aren't a vanilla society. Stop putting words in my mouth. We have a unified culture with many races of people living here.

If you had it your way we would be a mochoa society based on Hispanic culture. Dream on it ain't gonna happen.

The bill will pass so hit that bottle right now to drown your tears. It is happy hour in Texas, isn't it? lol. Not so happy for you though. We are taking our country back and you seditionists living among us can GTH. We have had enough of your ethnocentric disloyalty.

Anonymous said...

Dee, if the
SAVE act passes and the US becomes a police state, will you protest by moving to some country more to your liking?

No one wants to force you to stay in a place that you are unhappy with

Anonymous said...

not all the illegals here in the US are here to work.

deportation will benefit many citizens of the usa -

too late to benefit Jamiel Shaw, but we can save others like him if we come together to deport the 20 million

Jamiel is 17 and he was just murdered by one of the 20 million illegals

. The South Los Angeles high school student was shot dead just a few doors from home by two Latino men who jumped from a car and demanded to know to which gang he belonged. When he didn't answer, they shot him down. His father heard the shots and went outside to see his boy bleeding on the sidewalk. [A youth 'on track' until fatal gunfire, By Paloma Esquivel, Paul Pringle and Francisco Vara-Orta, LA Times, March 4, 2008]

Jamiel had no gang connections. He was apparently just another random victim of Hispanic gangsters killing blacks to drive them out of their corner of Aztlan. The promising football star had received inquiries from Stanford and Rutgers universities about a possible athletic scholarship. His mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, was called home from her second tour of duty in Iraq after the murder of her son.

The family is crushed. Dad Jamiel Sr. said they have "simply lost everything."

No arrests have been made in the case. The family is asking the public for help in bringing the killers to justice.

The murder has some similarities to the barbaric shooting of 14-year-old Cheryl Green in December of 2006. The eighth-grade student is said to have strayed into the territory of the 204th Street Latino gang, known for its anti-black racism; she was certainly killed because of her race and because of America's refusal to enforce immigration law.

Two Hispanic men, both members of the 204th Street gang, were arrested a few months later for Cheryl's murder. One, Ernesto Alcarez, is apparently an illegal alien.

The other gangster, Jonathan Fajardo, is the son of immigrants from Belize. He is also accused in the killing of a witness in connection with the Green shooting. Christopher Ash, 25, died of multiple stab wounds and a slit throat.

The City of the Angels recently experienced a daytime gang battle that brought out the police SWAT team and closed down dozens of blocks for six hours. Several schools were locked down for that time.

Veteran L.A. Police Department officials described the bizarre midday shootings—and the widespread disruption they caused—as highly unusual even in an area known for gang activity. It left the neighborhood littered with shell casings and its residents fearful.

Police blamed the incident on the notorious Avenues gang, which has cast a wide shadow over districts north of downtown L.A. for decades and continues to be active despite several high-profile attempts by authorities to shut it down. [Gang mayhem cripples large area, LA Times, February 22, 2008]

Los Angeles used to be a wonderful American city. Now that it has become Mexican (in the words of former Mayor Hahn), LA is a preview of the future America. It should alarm many more citizens into pro-sovereignty activism.

Gangs are the inevitable blowback from importing millions of excess, unskilled workers from the third world, who end up in bitter competition with one another and home-grown citizens. Normal family dynamics are scrambled by the immigration process. Young children may gain inordinate power compared to elders by their ability to speak English, and the generation gap is magnified to an unhealthy degree. Young people feel culturally estranged from older family members and bond with other kids in similar circumstances. The situation is completely predictable as an environment for gang formation.

Los Angeles is Ground Zero for gangs in the country. The County is home to as many as 1,200 gangs with 80,000 members. The cost could be $2 billion annually for all of their destructive criminal activity. [Who'll stop the gangs?, LA Times, February 27, 2008]

In the city of Los Angeles, a 2005 estimate put Hispanic gang membership as the most numerous at over 23,000, while black gangs amounted to fewer than 16,000.

Apart from strictly gang crime, a report from The Economist detailed how blacks suffer disproportionately in hate crimes in LA. In over 400 such crimes in 2006, blacks in the County were victims 59 percent of the time, while they comprise just nine percent of the population. In 70 percent of the time, the perps were Hispanic. [When black and brown collide, August 2, 2007]

Because of the brutal gang crimes that shock and worry the public, the city government occasionally presents a public relations event or expensive new social program to create the appearance that something is being done. The recent gang conference, which set up a program to exchange a handful of police officers with El Salvador, was one of the former. Sheriff Baca used the occasion to sound concerned.

"Over the last decade, in Los Angeles County, we've lost more than 5,800 people to gang violence in comparison to less than 500 people to natural disasters," [Sheriff] Lee Baca said at the second annual International Chiefs of Police Summit on Transnational Gangs which opened here earlier in the day. [Official: Los Angeles haunted by gang violence, China View, March 4, 2008]

Funny thing—none of the assembled expert police officers suggested that the notoriously criminal-friendly Special Order 40 might be rescinded to fight gang violence more effectively.

LA's own sanctuary law prohibits police from asking about immigration status and removes what would be a very useful tool for officers. In her 2005 Congressional testimony, scholar Heather Mac Donald noted specific instances where Special Order 40 protected criminals and allowed them to commit more crimes.

It doesn't help people outside the area understand what's going on when the local newspaper of record is at times downright secretive in revealing the cultural identity of the perps. (Los Angeles residents don't need a diagram about who does the crimes.) Gleaning the demographic facts about crime from the LA Times can require the considerable detective skills.

For example, a report about the Feb 22 shootout had only one little hint about who the Avenues gang might be.

The Avenues gang has cast a long shadow in these poor, largely Latino sections north of downtown L.A. [Gang mayhem cripples large area]

Even the profoundly corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center states forthrightly that the Avenues gangsters are a bunch of Mexicans.

Although the Avenues gang goes back a half century, it only fell heavily under the control of the Mexican Mafia in the 1980s, eventually becoming fundamentally racist as a result. (Police point out that, ironically, the Avenues now sling dope for the Mexican Mafia, which the gang's leaders in decades past looked down upon as a "black thing.") [L.A. Blackout, SPLC Intelligence Report, Winter 2006]

On the other hand, the LA Times now has an online blog, the Homicide Report, which provides crime notices that clearly state ethnic identities. It is sobering reading.

The violence that makes headlines gets all the attention. But the fear imposed by crime can be pervasive and deadening to the spirit. Consider the loss of freedom required to protect children when gangs rule the neighborhood:

Marie Keith, who is black, moved from South Los Angeles with her three daughters in 2000, believing she'd come to Torrance. One day black children playing on the street began screaming that "the 204s were coming."

Keith watched as gang members drove through, shooting. Black youths dived behind walls.

Since then, Keith's children have not been allowed to play in front of their apartment. When she has to travel more than half a block, she drives. [How a community imploded, LA Times, March 4, 2007, by Sam Quinones]

No American should have to live in such conditions. No citizen child should have to stay indoors to be safe from rampaging foreigners. Living with a reasonable expectation of protection against crime is part of inhabiting a first-world country. We spend a lot of money on police and prisons.

Hispanic gangsters are reconquistas with baggy pants and tattoos. They are ethnically cleansing black citizens out of parts of LA now, but indications are more of the same for the rest of us—first through the Southwest, next in America as a whole. Crime works well as a technique of the low-intensity warfare that is part and parcel of immigration as invasion.

Sounds apocalyptic? The social pathology in Los Angeles proves that we have exceeded the level of immigration we can accommodate.

When Hispanic gang members routinely drive around looking for random black people to kill, then America has far too many immigrants.

Dee said...

We the People are NOT going to allow a Gestapo bill pass! Just like we are NOT going to allow Blackwater to patrol our backyards!
End of Story!

Dee said...

Posting your unsubstantiated VDare paragraphs is ludicrous. Some of your examples also do not differentiate between legal or illegal status, just Hispanic.

You are playing the race card, plain and simple, utilizing unsubstatiated information from a disreputable site.
Additionally, by charging an entire ethnic group of crimes based on those of a few are like saying you are guilty for the crimes of BTK or any of the sexual predators we often hear about. Is that what you want to happen?

Shame on you Anon!
Your post is ludicrous!

patriot said...

dee, there is no Gestapo bill and "we" the people will help get the SAVE ACT passed because it is the right thing to do.

End of story!

patriot said...

dee, you mean like your buddies in the Hispanic Business Forum who are saying that the whole white race of today is guilty of the crimes of whites from the past against the Native Americans?

Pot, kettle, black.

Anonymous said...

well said, patriot.

let's just recognizize that not all of the 20 million illegals are here to work

some of them are here to cause mayhem

Anonymous said...

oh please, pat being right is like George Bush being an honest president, the ANTI's sure like to pat each other on the back a lot, and no that was not Dee earlier who posted about Pat being a racist, I read this blog quite frequently and it is quite obvious

patriot said...

anon-dee, amazing how you would use the word "Mayberry" and spell anti in caps just like dee, isn't it? I have seen you pretend to be someone else before dee, so your little game isn't working.

Dee said...

Poor Pat,
As I said, I have many viewers who email me often. Their choice is not to get into arguments with you. It is very understandable!

As for me, it is my blog, why on earth would i post as an anon. That is so silly.

If I wanted to be anon, I would not host a blog. sheesh.

patriot said...

Sure thing, anon-dee. For those who choose not to debate with me, it isn't about my arguments, it has everything to do with them having no viable arguments of their own. I find most pro-illegals can't debate with civility. They always resort to the race card and some lame argument about this country or continent belonging to the so-called "indigenous" aka Mexicans and other Latinos.

Anonymous said...

That's not it at all, get off your high horse "PAT." To debate with you is a waist of time is the reason I avoid it. You just need a reality check at times, as I find with most ANTI's.

patriot said...

High horse? By expecting civility in a debate rather than having the race card pulled on you rather than discussing why one side or the other feels the way they do?

I have found it is a waste of time to debate with the pro-illegals most of the time too so don't play victim here. Reality? It is the pro-illegals who aren't dealing in reality. They deal from ethnocentrism and that is all.

Dee said...

You see Pat. You just don´t get it. No one brings up the race card but you.
We need CIR Pat. That is what we are saying, plain and simple!

patriot said...

dee, if I bring up the race card it is because your side so loosely throws it around all the time at us anti's. Anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration and wants the illegals to go home is a racist according to the pro side of which you are a member of.

No, we don't need "your" kind of CIR! We need the rule of law back into our nation again and those punished who don't adhere to our laws. Their aiders and abettors need to be tried for treason.

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