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Luis Ramirez's Kick in the Head Murderer Granted Parole!

Derrick Donchak, the man who witnesses said wore brass knuckles when he sucker punched Luis Ramirez in the head, knocking him unconscious, so Brandon Piekarsky could deliver the final kick to the head, has been granted parole! This "cute" murderer has "learned his lesson in only 3 months".... for MURDER!! This is the same Derrick Donchak that dressed as a Border Patrol Agent after the murder and while he awaited trial, at a Halloween Party! He posted these pictures on his MySpace page! This is the same Derrick Donchak that was placed in "solitary confinement for misbehavior" for two months after misbehaving his 1st month in prison. The judge said he "learned his lesson" over the next three months??? Then granted him parole????
I wonder how many Latinos the Judge has released early, after only 3 months, saying he KNOWS they learned their lesson! This JUDGE is truly biased!
Let's hope the HATE CRIME charges move forward for both Donchak and Piekarsky. Luis Ramirez and his children deserve Justice!
Republican Herald reports:
Derrick M. Donchak can go home, a Schuylkill County judge ruled Tuesday in paroling him on charges stemming from the fatal beating of an illegal Mexican immigrant in July 2008 in Shenandoah. After a 30-minute hearing, Schuylkill County President Judge William E. Baldwin granted parole to Donchak, 20, of Shenandoah, saying he had changed his behavior after being placed in solitary confinement for more than two months for violating county prison rules.

"You have demonstrated that you learned a lesson in the last three months," Baldwin told Donchak, who was clad in a prison jumpsuit, handcuffs, leg shackles and a belt. However, Baldwin warned Donchak that he must follow the rules of his parole or face more prison time. "You have shown a complete lack of sensitivity," Baldwin warned Donchak. "If that attitude reappears, you'll be back in there pretty fast."

A prison spokesman said late Tuesday afternoon that Donchak already had been released.

Donchak said little while being led out of the courtroom after the hearing, replying, "Yes, sir," when asked if he would follow the rules and spend more time with his family. During the hearing, he said the misconduct was not is fault. "What happened with the write-up was a case of mistaken identity," he testified. "I was sleeping."
Prison officials, however, found that Donchak participated in "fishing" on Aug. 29 by accepting contraband - in his case, deodorant - dropped into his cell by a sheet attached to a long rope.
"He jumped up and started yelling and cursing," corrections officer William Schweikert testified. Prison officials found him guilty of insolence, giving a false statement and refusing to obey an order, and placed him in solitary confinement for 70 days.

Earlier in August, Donchak had been confined to his cell for 24 hours due to having contraband - in this case plastic forks and spoons and an excessive number of styrofoam cups - in there, according to corrections officer David Carduff. Prosecutors had opposed Donchak's parole due to the violations. "There have been multiple misconducts," Assistant District Attorney A.J. Serina argued to Baldwin. "We believe the defendant hasn't demonstrated he's capable of abiding by rules." Serina declined to comment on the parole after the hearing.

Donchak served the minimum seven months of the prison term Baldwin imposed on him after he was convicted on May 1, 2009, after a five-day trial of simple assault and alcohol-related offenses in connection with the July 12, 2008, beating of Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala on a Shenandoah street. Ramirez, 25, of Shenandoah, died two days later at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville. Donchak's co-defendant, Brandon J. Piekarsky, 18, of Shenandoah Heights, also was convicted of simple assault and alcohol-related offenses in connection with Ramirez's beating. Baldwin sentenced him to six months and seven days to 23 months in prison. Piekarsky already has been paroled.

Both Donchak and Piekarsky face federal hate crime charges and potential life sentences in connection with Ramirez's death. In that case, U.S. District Judge A. Richard Caputo on Tuesday granted Donchak until April 1 to file pre-trial motions, and said he would schedule the trial after ruling on them. Piekarsky on Tuesday asked for a similar extension; Caputo has not yet ruled on that request.
Donchak's release from the county prison means he can go home, although he will stay there on home detention pursuant to Caputo's Jan. 13 order allowing him to be released before trial. Piekarsky also is free from prison on home detention pending trial.
In a related case, Matthew R. Nestor, William Moyer and Jason Hayes, former Shenandoah police chief, lieutenant and officer, respectively, face federal charges for allegedly obstructing the investigation of the Ramirez beating. Caputo on Friday granted them additional time to file pre-trial motions and indicated he would schedule their trial after ruling on any motions that are filed.


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

I posted links to this your page in Gather.com and in my site RACIALITY.COM



This is my comment about you in my pages :

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American : Luis Ramirez's Kick in the Head Murderer Granted Parole! - Coward Murderer released from prison !

"Immigration Talk with a Mexican American" is in my opinion and by large the best site on Immigration, the reasons Pro and Anti, the News about Immigration, etc ... Dee from Texas is the bravest and most courageous grandmother in America. She has antennas that tell the News first than anybody else.

She has a constant fight against the Scoundrels and Coward Terrorists of Racial Murder, like the Six Football Players that killed Luis Ramirez.

Luis Ramirez, a small man, was killed by Six Football Players, in Shenandoah Pennsylvania in July 2008.

"While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures.

Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull."

The Behavior of the the town of Shenandoah Pennsylvania after the Terrorist Murder could not have been more despicable : Threats against Latinos, Racist Demonstrations, Sadism, Racism, Brutality and Bastardy.

Racist Justice System, Racist Juries, Racist Prosecutors, Racist Judges.


Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting...... or offensive in your case:


Poll: More than half of (Texas) Hispanics identify as conservative

09:05 AM CST on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

By ROBERT T. GARRETT / The Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN – A bent to conservatism and family makes Hispanics a promising pool of votes for Republicans, but the party's targeting of illegal immigrants has withered its attraction.

Regardless, Gov. Rick Perry has fared relatively well, perhaps because of his anti-Washington rhetoric and his careful immigration stance, a recent poll indicates.
It shows more than half of Texas Hispanics call themselves conservative, and a surprising 23 percent say they might participate in Tuesday's GOP primary. Among those, Perry leads Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison by 2 to 1, according to the poll, commissioned by an Austin consultant for a national group of Hispanic legislative leaders.

ultima said...

Justice has gone to hell in a handbasket in America!

Dee said...

Off topic but....
The newspaper person confuses traditional Family traits with Conservatism.

Most Latinos are Christian (Catholic), Family Focused, anti-abortion. Have large families due to not believing in birth control (as the priest recommends). Many conservatives consider these their values.

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks to the Anonymous Friend that posted the information about the Republican Primary in Texas. Very useful and opportune information for our studies of Politics.

Interesting battle of two tyrannosaurus in Texas :

Texas is a very Republican and Conservative State - Some Gurus and Prophets calculate that Texas may become Democratic in the Future, thanks to Demographics and to "Metro" and "Suburban" advances in Mentality, Universities and Techno-Science Industry may also help to deRepublicanize Texas.

During the Confirmation Hearings of Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said some anti-Sonia things.

If Republican Latinos have good elephant Memories then they may vote against the Senator and for the Governor.

Youth, Minorities, Politics :


Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

I am not a criminal, delinquent, mafioso, narco, drug dealer, but I have been involved in defensive violent action against some thugs in streets

There are some INAMORATOS that want to kill me and have threatened me. I may perish by bullets or stabbed. There is a high probability of that.

By a whim of Fate, God or the Guardian Angels I have beeen very lucky in those confrontations and my enemies have suffered Great Humiliation and even damages that put them in Great Ridicule. I am a friend of Police and the Authorities.

I am not brave, courageous or valiant. I am just Crazy, Imprudent, Lucky ..... a daredevil and Total Fool in Warfare.

God favors and laughs at the actions of the LOQUITOS, those are the little crazy guys that do not think, but just act automatically during violent confrontations and are guided by the Guardian Angel or the Guardian Devil in Dangerous Actions.

I may have a short life for me in the Future.

Can you imagine the contempt that I feel for Internet Trolls, those that use Insults, Personal Attacks and a lot of Abusive Excess of Argumentative Hate, and derisive behavior, trying to show the other guys as a liar, idiot, etc ...

Or playing games of assumption.

Due to hard and painful factors I have to keep a lot of secretive life around me.

But I feel the topmost contempt for Criminals, Delinquents, Violent Lawbreakers, for those that are thugs, and that start as bullies in schoolyards and want to be bullies for the rest of their lives.

And the Internet Bully is a poor guy, a failed life, a loser, one that is a box filled with inferiority complexes. Inside their hearts they are GREAT COWARDS.


Vicente Duque

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