Saturday, February 6, 2010

Traitors & Anarchists: Racist Tancredo, Brainwashed Teabaggers, Demented Upside-Down Flag Waver

The National Convention of the Racist, Radical, Traitorous, Anarchistic Teabaggers is this weekend. Racist Tom Tancredo was their Opening Speaker. He opened the Teabagger Convention Thursday with a hate-filled, racist, traitorous speech lambasting our President for "running a socialist government", chastising those he says are illiterates (people of color) that voted for our President, and what he termed "the cult of multi culturalism."
The Teabagger audience cheered, chanting "Obama is Hitler."

BTO Reports:
Poll Reveals Many Republicans are uninformed extremists
It seems that the teabaggers, racists and right wing extremists have taken over the Republican Party. Of those polled as self-identified Republicans, 39% believe President Obama should be impeached. 63% think he is a socialist. 42% do not believe the President was born in the United States. 31% believe President Obama hates white people. 23% want their state to secede from the U.S..

Meanwhile, a demented, traitorous Teabagger in Fort Worth is flying the American Flag upside down. This disrespectful traitor's opinion is President Obama is a socialist and is destroying our country and therefore the country is in distress. She is angry about the economy and about the recovery. She says she wants her country back...from our Black President. Her actions are a slap in the face to all of our young men serving in the military or to any veteran. I have two nephews in Iraq and nephew who served two terms in Iraq and is currently in Afghanistan. I do NOT support her waving our US Flag upside down and I did NOT support the Latino children waving the US Flag upside down under Mexico's flag. Even though both were advocating broken policies, both are WRONG and BOTH are TRAITOROUS!!

What is wrong with Tancredo, the Teabaggers, this angry upside-down flag waver? They are being brain-washed and hood-winked by the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Fox News who traitorously prey on fear, political instability, and economic suffering, which, in turn, means that Fox News profits from fear, political instability, and economic suffering. Traitors, ALL OF THEM! If they do not LOVE our Country, then I suggest they GET OUT!!

Post Script:
Some of Tancredo's well known quotes against minorities include:
1. "Miami is a 3rd world country."
2. "Immigration IS about Race. Throughout history, people who are NOT white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a white Anglo-Saxon culture." He insists all minority immigrants have to become white northern Europeans if they want to assimilate to become Americans.
3. Told people in El Paso concerned about a fence dividing up their land to move to Mexico.

PostScript 2:
The idea for Teabaggers to fly the flag upside down originally came from KKK founded website Stormfront:
Upside Down American Flag
If some of you intelligent, well spoken, very knowledgable people were to fly an upside down american flag in front of your house, it might draw the attention of the media.It would give us another way of getting the message out, and waking people up. Of course it would draw unwanted attention like complaints, and maybe vandalism, but that's to be expected. Maybe it would help if you were a large, intimidating individual also, who could poke his shotgun out the window and let out a roar like a lion.


LMJ said...

It's going to be hilarious to watch republicans flip/flop on their opinion on the upside down flag. Why didn't this same woman do this when Bush was ruining this country from '00 - '08? Her deeds are painfully obvious.

Yet another example of these twisted, brainwashed crazies that continue to divide this country. The sooner teabaggers realize that we're ALL AMERICANS. We're not going anywhere. Might as well get used to it. Live and let live, and stop blocking the govt from doing it's job and cleaning up the mess that was caused through the 8 dark years of leadership

Dee said...

I agree.
Click on the link by her picture and you will see the youtube. That women is truly demented. Look at her eyes. Scary!

This woman has been in business 16 years, all through the Bush years, all through the downfall of the economy through his years and now, NOW she decides to fly the flag upside down.

What a racist hypocrite!!

Dee said...

I just listned to her video again.
She said SHE didn't know what else she could do besides flying the flag upside dow.
She said, "The money they are spending is just destroying our country."
Where was she when Bush borrowed TRILLIONS from China to send us to the wrongful war in Iraq? Where was she throughout the right wing free for all/deregulations??

Then she HAPPILY says she gets with the teabaggers and she is HAPPY AND EXCITED to be a part of that group. (ROOT CAUSE -- ROOT CAUSE!!)

You see -- It is the BRAINWASHING in that group that got her all stirred up OR AS SHE SAYS, ALL HAPPY AND EXCITED.

Wackos and Crazies!! Beck is BRAINWASHING THEM ALL!!!

MMPete said...

Please point out the quote where anyone said they wanted our country back from our "Black" president or you have just purgered yourself.

MMPete said...

How do you know this woman even watches Glenn Beck? I hold some of the same views but I don't watch Beck and in fact don't like him at all. Why do you make assumptions like that? Do you listen to the reconquistas just because you hold "some" of their views? No, probably not so don't say things about others that you don't even know anything about. Let's express some maturity in this blog, ok?

Dee said...

Don't pretend to be so naive. If that crazy woman was so upset about the economy, she would have flown her flag upside down under Bush. She didn't. We ALL KNOW for most of these Teabaggers that say they want their country back, they want it back from our Black President, Barack Hussein Obama. Listen how these three words seethe off of racist Tancredo's lips.

WE THE PEOPLE are not naive that we do not know what the Traitors who say "I want my country back" really mean. They are racists who hate the fact our President is Black. However, do they have the bxlls to say it out loud? NO. Because they are too chxcken to say so. But WE THE PEOPLE know what the traitors are really saying.

Only TRAITORS would flag our Flag upside down and say this.

Only TRAITORS say "Barack Hoooosssaaaaiiiinnn Obama" and ridicule those who voted for him like Racist Traitor Tancredo did.


Dee said...

Listen to the youtube of Tancredo, his racist audience laugh (they can't even spell vote) or the crazeeee racist Flag Traitor.

Don't be so naive that you pretend you don't know what they are really saying.

Dee said...

And Pete... when you talk about maturity, look in the mirror. It is important to Listen and Interpret what is happening. None of us can sit back and PRETEND, like a CHILD, that all of this racist insurrection is not happening. THIS IS REALITY. We need to SEE it, UNDERSTAND it and ACKNOWLEDGE the INSURGENTS' BEHAVIOR! Otherwise these Insurgents will continue their TRAITOROUS BEHAVIORS!

LMJ said...

It's scary to think about all the teabaggers out there who are constantly thinking of nothing but anarchy and tyranny. Funny how their whole group was created only within President Obama's term. They would love nothing more than to set this country back to the 50's or worse back to pre civil war days.

MMPete said...

Wny did you mention Obama's race when that woman or the teabaggers didn't? Don't put words in other people's mouths to suit your race card agenda. You are playing the race card here and you know it! You have not proof whatsoever that objections to Obama are based on race for most objectors.

I don't care for Obama's politics either but it sure as hell has nothing to do with his race. So why did you do that? That is just plain mean to accuse others of a racist agenda. Have you no shame at all?

MMPete said...

Just what are the teabaggers doing that are traitorous? Democrats like you wanted Bush out to! There is nothing traitorous about objecting to any president's politics. It really is upsetting to see you screaming all kinds of hateful remarks about your fellow Americans just because you don't agree with their views. I would never do that to the other side. EVER! That is what true maturity is. You have no right to make claims or to put words in other's mouths like that!

Of course you probably won't post this nor my last post either, will you? Because you know your behavior in here and your words are unacceptable and unwarranted. You are flaming a whole group of people whom most do not have a racist nor traitorous agenda. If you don't post my rebuttal in here then I am gone. I will longer participate in a blog where the blogger says it will be civil in here and talks so hatefully about her fellow Americans.

Dee said...

You are absolutely right. You and most Americans understand how racist and despicable Tancredo and the Teabaggers are being when they hang our US Flag upside down or when they say they want "their" country back from our African American President.

They are RACIST!
Yet they say "I'm not racist. Some of my best friends are minorities. I have relatives who are minorities." This reminds me of Scott Baio when he made his racist remarks against Michelle Obama. He said, "how could I be racist when my wife's best friend is black."

Yep! That's what the most extreme racists say!

Dee said...

You are using some of the oldest tactics in the book.

Why don't you VIEW the Tancredo racist video on this very post. IF you say it is NOT racist, then we will now your own agenda.

You cannot HIDE from the TRUTH!!

Dee said...

What are Teabaggers doing that is Traitorous?

1. Flying Flag upside down
2. Disrespecting our President.
3. LYING about our President as follows:
a. saying he is NOT a citizen
b. saying he was NOT born in Hawaii
c. saying he is a Socialist/Communist

. VIEW The Tancredo Video
. VIEW the video of the upside down flag

It is YOU that is in Denial!


Dee said...

Here is what you are missing.
Please read the post again.
I am opposed to anyone, anyone, of any nationality, who disprespects the American Flag.

I am also opposed to anyone, anyone who demonizes or tries to pit one ethnicity against another. Tancredo disrespects the President, all the minorities who voted for him saying they are illiterate, cannot spell VOTE and cannot speak English. He was the opening speaker at the national teabagger convention! The teabaggers CHEERED Tancredo during his racist and demonizing rant.

I put out the video so you could hear for yourself. You have to listen to hear and begin to understand what is happening MM.

Stop being so naive or in denial. It is what it is!

Dee said...

The only thing positive I can say about Tancredo is, AT LEAST HE IS HONEST! At least he is OPEN with his racism and doesn't hide it or deny it. His Root Cause!

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