Thursday, February 4, 2010

John Edwards and Other Sexually Corrupt Men in Politics!

After I wrote about Republican Senator Scott Brown and his Playgirl Centerfold past, one of my long time commenters, Ultima, who happens to be an ANTI (although very civil and knowledgeable), asked me to write my thoughts about John Edwards (past Democratic Presidential Candidate), just so I am fair and balanced.

John Edwards (shudder). The more I hear about John Edwards' antics, the more angry I become. Hearing about his antics makes me curious about politicians in general. Is it Washington that corrupts the politician or is it the politician that corrupts Washington?

When I think about politicians with sex scandals in politics, I think of :
Democrats: Edwards (affair), Clinton (affair-cigar-dress), the Kennedys (affairs); Gov. Spitzer (prostitutes);
Republicans: Mark Foley (16 yr old male pages); Ted Haggard, Evangelical advisor to Bush (male prostitutes); Sen. Larry Craig (males in bathrooms stalls); Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (pubic hair on coke-sexual harrassment); Senator David Vitter (DC Madam; prostitutes). And let's not forget SC Gov. Mark Sanford and his Argentinian girlfriend.

All despicable!

Regarding Edwards, what I find worst is that he committed his indiscretions while at the same time playing up his wife's cancer all for the sake of the possibility of winning the Presidential election. If we believe the reports that have come out to date: Edwards began his affair with someone he met in a bar; hired her as his videographer; continued the affair while lying to his wife, his staff and his supporters throughout his campaign for President; impregnated her; told his mistress he would marry her after his cancer ridden wife died; then lied to his wife when she found out; continued his affair; then, when he was outed by the Enquirer, again LIED to the American Public. I have no forgiveness for the other woman. She knew he was married when she began the affair; when she became pregnant. I think she purposely became pregnant. She was not a naive child. She was a knowledgeable woman of the world in her forties. She did it knowing his wife had cancer and that he was running for president. She cared nothing for his wife or for America.

Ultima, all I can say about Edwards is, I am very happy he was not elected for President and he is out of politics. I wash my hands of him. My thoughts and prayers go to his wife and their children.

Regarding the other political ne'er-do-wells that are still in politics, I can only hope they are true to their words and their past is behind them...but I don't hold much hope this is true.


Anonymous said...

I love LOVE how you couldn't resist adding salacious details to the Republicans' indiscretion and only offer a somewhat benign one-word title of "affair" to the Democrats. Yup, fair and balanced!

Anonymous said...

I love LOVE how you couldn't resist adding salacious details to the Republicans' indiscretion and only offer a somewhat benign one-word title of "affair" to the Democrats. Really, to be fair and balanced, you should atleast add "oral", "cigar", and "stain on a blue dress" to Clinton.

Dee said...

I appreciate your feedback.
As for Democrats, I can say at least they chose consenting adults whose names they knew. Ok. I will add Cigar.

Look at Foley --- underage boys. Look at Craig --- strangers in bathrooms.
Look at homophobic Haggard -- male prostitutes.

It appears Republican are much more hypocritical and their escapades are much more salacious. Saying this IS being Honest and Fair and Balanced.

ultima said...

Although pedophiles are a special case, I 'm not sure otherwise that there is a legitimate distinction between consenting adults who know each other and those who don't. Moral turpitude comes in many forms and it makes little sense to excuse anyone simply because they were consenting adults like old Wilbur Mills, the drunken sod, and stripper Fanne Foxe (Annabelle Bautistella)and Gary Hart and his extracurricular activities, and Barney Franks' lover running a male prostitute business out of Franks' apartment. Are these the paragons of virtue we want in Washington? What if your wife or husband had an affair with a consenting adult? Would you see that in a different light?

Nevertheless, in spite of the lack of balance with what she had to say about Republicans, I do commend Dee for posting the John Edwards saga.

Dee said...

I, like most women, do not condone affairs. But I do agree with you, that between consenting adults, how can we judge, especially since surveys say between 60 - 80% of men cheat.

Re: Edwards, if all that is said is true, I have to say he is absolutely the worst of the worst!

ultima said...

Sex is important but not everything. We need to keep an eye on all forms of corruption and moral turpitude among our representatives in Congress. Here's an example of such behavior by Senator Menendez, (D, NJ)that warrants attention and severe criticism

ultima said...

Yes, Edwards reached a new low in betraying his cancer-ridden wife.

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