Sunday, October 9, 2011

Arpaio and Masked Goon Squad Racially Profile Latino Neighborhood Arresting 92 Latinos!

Racial Profiling is a Crime. Yet Arpaio continues to target Latino neighborhoods. He and his masked Volunteer Goon squad did it again on Thursday and Friday. They went to a Latino neighborhood in South Phoenix and these goons arrested 92 Latinos. Media Hog Arpaio said he arrested 23 "illeegals" - just because they didn't have their driver's licenses with them.

Arpaio and his masked goons arrested 69 other Latinos on trumped up charges because he ABUSES HIS POWER and he and his masked volunteer goon squad wear masks -- just like the KKK does. Arpaio allows his volunteer goons to wear masks.

Here are the list of charges and what they really mean:
1. Human Smuggling: a Latino driver gave a ride to someone without their driver's license.
2. Drug Possession: the volunteer goon thought he smelled Pot.
3. DUI: the volunteer goon thought he smelled beer.

I would love to see Arpayaso conduct a "Supression Sweep" (as he terms them) in an All White Neighborhood with his volunteer goons wearing Ski Masks!

What part of Racial Profiling don't you understand Arpayaso?
Dept. of Justice: Please provide your findings on the Abuse of Power case against Arpaio and charge him with his Crimes! Please do it soon!!

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Vicente Duque said...

Two VIDEOs, Brutal Assault of Judge Lester Pearce, brother of Russell Pearce against Journalist and the Camera - Election Fraud : Olivia Cortes Withdraws from Russell Pearce Recall Election - Sham and Plant Candidate

Can Judges assault Cameramen with Impunity ??

Olivia Cortes has decided not to run - But the ballots are already printed with her name.

Olivia Cortes' Withdrawal from LD18 Recall Election

Uploaded by Humanleague002 on Oct 7, 2011

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Tea Party Election Scandal Update and Judge Lester Pearce's assault and apology.


Uploaded by AZPBS on Oct 7, 2011

Ballots for the election to recall Senator Russell Pearce are already printed, and they include the name of candidate Olivia Cortes who has withdrawn from the race. Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell explains how the election will be conducted, and votes counted, now that Cortes is no longer a candidate in the legislative district 18 recall election.

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