Sunday, October 30, 2011

President Obama Tours the Country Promoting Jobs Bill; Visits with Hollywood and Latino Supporters

President Obama is travelling around the country, from East Coast, to the Heartland, to the West Coast. He has kicked off a new effort to urge Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, piece by piece, to put WE THE PEOPLE back to work and strengthen the Economy. The President declared “we can’t wait" for Republicans to pass a bill -- that is why he is taking his message to the People. On Twitter and Facebook, people around the country have been talking about why we can't wait and the issues they care about the most. From Education to Firemen, Policemen to Construction - jobs in every city and every town in America. The President is talking about real American Jobs. He is also talking about affordable financing programs for Mortgages and for Education.

With the Republicans doing all they can to roadblock his efforts, he is taking his message to all of us, the American People. Massive crowds of Americans are welcoming him into their cities, into their homes. The President's approval rating continues to rise.

Last week, the President was welcomed in Nevada and spoke to many small business owners, teachers and local workers. After his Nevada visit, President Obama visited Hollywood.Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith attended one of the L.A. events, as did Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend Magic Johnson.

President Obama also visited the home of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith who hosted a Latino/Hollywood Stars event for President Obama. Eva Longoria introduced the President by saying he "speaks to the Latino community because he knows he's the President of all Americans. And we applaud you from our community. We thank you for everything you're doing." Also present were Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, activist Dolores Huerta and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).

I agree with Eva Longoria. The President is NOT like the Republicans who continue to advocate Racial Profiling laws in every state and Mass Deportation. Instead, he supports jobs for ALL Americans and he supports the Dream Act. He has stopped the deportation of students and non-felonious workers, instead he is targetting Felonious Criminals for deportation. We know he needs to do more to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. That is why it is so important that we register to vote and elect him and as many Democratic Congressmen as possible so CIR may be passed in 2013.

The President also spoke on the Tonight Show with host Jay Leno. The audience cheered and loudly applauded as he brought his JOBS message out to WE THE PEOPLE!


Anonymous said...

You and your ethnocentric, racist group do not represent "we the people". We the people are not traitorous, arrogant and vying for illegal foreigners in our midst as you Hispanics are. You Hispanics think your shit doesn't stink. It sickens me the way you all think your are so special that our polticians should kiss your asses and snub their noses at our immigration laws just for you. Who the hell do you Hispanics think they are? I have never met such a self-centered, arrogant, racist and anti-American group such as Hispanics are You all don't even seem to have a conscience about what you are. Is it a cultural thing you people are born with? God help this country if you ever become the majority. We will be the most racist country on earth unlike even during the racism of the Civil Rights Era. I hope you all will be proud of what you will turn this country into.

Anonymous said...

dear president obama: please help mexican people to do not report them to mexico because my family is from mexico and i want my whole family together.

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