Sunday, October 30, 2011

Should Latinos Support President Obama in the 2012 Election without passage of CIR and the Dream Act? I say "Seguro Que Si"

As my long time readers know, I am a long time advocate of the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). I have supported CIR since 2006, prior to the introduction of the CIR Act of 2007, popularly known as the "McCain - Kennedy" Bill. The CIR Act of 2007 was a good bill. It was bi-partisan. However, it did not pass. The rabid ANTI groups, most Republicans, now turned Tea Partiers, rallied against it. They used derogatory language and misleading statements to derail this noble cause.

The Bill was beautiful and prolific in its simplicity. Here are the highlights:
1. Enforce our Borders with trained Border Patrol and technology
2. Employer Sanctions, especially for Exploitive Employers
3. Provide a pathway to citizenship for those here that are felony free.
4. Establish the Dream Act, allowing students to pay in-state tuition or serve in the Military.

While the Bush Administration said they supported the CIR bill, they also catered to the ANTI crowd by conducting massive ICE Raids all across the country, incarcerating whole families, including women and children. They conducted these raids in Poultry and Meatpacking plants, Construction, and manufacturing plants. Then, in 2008, as if to up the ante, they conducted MASSIVE raids in Postville Iowa and Laurel, MS. In Postville, they arrested nearly 600 workers, putting them in cattle barns - treating them like animals - as they shipped them off to unknown detention centers in Texas. They did the same in Laurel, MS, this time nearly 700 workers were shipped - most to the LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, LA. which is part of the GEO Group, one of the largest private prison owners and huge contributors to the RNC and to the Bush Administration.

These actions were over the top, blatant, and so flagrant in Republican's intent to fill the pockets of their political cronies - just in case McCain lost the 2008 Presidential election.

These actions were also obvious to many Human Rights and Latino groups who raised a rallying cry, "STOP THE ABUSE!" This rallying cry motivated Latinos to go to the polls in massive numbers, at the highest rate in history, to vote for Hope and Change - to Vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 elections.

President Obama has kept many promises.
1. Stop Worker ICE Raids: He has stopped the worker ICE Raids. He said "no mas" to the despicable, inhumane raids in Postville, IA and in Lauren, MS.
2. Focus and only deport Felonious Criminals: The INTENT of the "Secure Communities Act" was for ICE to focus on felonious criminals for deportation. These felonious criminals have been deported in massive numbers. No more "very long stays" to feed the pockets of the cronies. Instead these felonious criminals were deported. This caused the numbers of deportees to increase. Additionally, over zealous local police and ICE officers took it upon themselves to detain and deport Mothers and Students. They should not have been included in the deportations. Some in the media and local Humanitarians have been very vocal about these detainees. This resulted in:
3. President Obama, via his Presidential authority, to exclude non-felonious criminals and Dream Students from deportation. This just happened this summer.

President Obama has said he supports CIR and he supports the Dream Act. He also supports Jobs for All of us and an improved economy. However, we can all see the Republican opposition he is facing. All we have to do is Look and Listen to what is happening. Or as my mother would say "Mira Nomas!"

1. 2012 Republican GOP Debates: All we have to do is listen to what is being said in the 2012 Republican Presidential Debates. Hermain Cain wants to ELECTROCUTE US! They ALL have begged for Arpayaso's support! Other Republicanos want to shoot us like Pigs! "Mira Nomas!"

2. Republican Racial Profiling Bills and Latino HATE Crimes: All we have to do is see what the Republicans are advocating with their Latino Racial Profiling and Hate Laws in state after state after state. "Mira Nomas!"

3. Republican Arpayaso - Racial Profiling / Hates the President: Look at Arapio in Arizona - the new Bull Connor. Look how he has abused his power and abused Latinos. Remember the pictures of children in church being scared to death while his masked volunteer goon deputies circled the Confirmation Mass? He also HATES President Obama. Just look at the antics of his "Cold Case Posse" re-investigating our President's citizenship. Arpayaso treats ALL of us, including the President, as if we were "Illeegals!" "Mira Nomas!"

4. Dirty Tricks by Republican Governors: There are numerous Republican Governors that are CHANGING The Voting Laws to Stop MINORITIES from Voting. One Example: In Texas, they've changed the law. While they ALLOW a Gun License to serve as your picture ID, they do NOT allow young people to use their College pictre ID. "Mira Nomas!"

5. Republican/Tea Party Thuggery: Did you also know that there are many "pretend" Latinos who say they are Latinos and blog against our President? You see them ALL THE TIME in newspaper Comment Sections and Blogs URGING Latinos NOT TO VOTE! on Election Day! This is ALL part of their dirty tricks to try and get as many of us (Latinos) to stay home and NOT VOTE! Republican Thuggery ala Watergate! "Mira Nomas!"

I believe in our President! I believe in the American Dream! I believe that WE THE PEOPLE can turn our Economy around and create a Better World for our Children! When my viewers and commenters on my Facebook page ASK me if I support President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, I say what my Mother would say: "Seguro Que Si!"


Felix Jaure said...

Dee, what other alternative do we have?

Dee said...

Alternatives? Consider who they are.
Do you want Herman Cain - and the Electric Fence?
Do you want the eternal Flip Flopper - Mitt Romney?

They are the two leaders in the polls.

When you hear Mitch McConnell's overall primary objective - to defeat the President, then you start to understand all the opposition the President faces, day after day.

There are many very loud and very vocal members of the Tea Party/Republican Opposition in the ranks of the Latino Bloggers. They are typing their opposition as we speak.

Ask yourself why. Whose side are they on? Look at the opposition. Look at their agendas.

Know and understand WHY we must help the President win in the 2012 election. Then let's team together to help him create his 2013 agenda, beginning with CIR. We need his commitment. We know he is far more with us than anyone in the opposition. CIR can be passed in 2013 with the Democrats.

IF you choose the Republicans OR if you choose NOT to vote, then you are supporting a losing proposition for ALL latinos!

Anonymous said...

This whole topic is so full of your usual lies, smears and exaggerations it truly is pathetic!

Why aren't you as a so-called loyal American supportive of enforcing our immigration laws? Illegal aliens were never treated like animals and you know it. So I guess female lawbreakers and students are off limits according to you? Does that apply to those who are citizens also? No, of course not so why should females and students here illegally be off limits in regards to the enforcement of our laws?

There are no hate or racial profiling laws. You're such an effiing liar!!!!!

You keep complaing about the rich cronies but you are giving them exactly what they, illegal labor by your advocacy for them being here and working here. What a hypocrite you are.!

There is no rampant abuse of Latinos nor of illegal aliens. Again, you are such an effing liar!!!

Obama is going to lose the next election so you had better be prepared to throw one of your hissy fits. Real Americans are going to take this country back from the traitors within us like yourself. You don't give a damn about this country. All you care about if filling this country up with Mexicans and other Latinos. You hate white, law abiding Americans that much. Seek counseling.

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
I decided to post this ugly comment of yours so all of the Latinos and Humanitarians who read my blog can see what we ALL have to contend with everyday. You post your Hate Filled rants to me dozens of times a day, every day, in the middle of the night. That is how much your hate for Latinos infiltrates your very being.

You are a Tea Partier.
You are a Republican.
You will support ANYONE other than President Obama because you are SO RACIST and SO AGAINST Minorities that YOU cannot see straight.

THIS, My Latino Friends, is what WE have to contend with. I contend with this type of HATE every Day! So does the President - only times a thousand!

Now do you see how difficult it is for him to fight them? For hiim to try to fulfill his promises to us? Their only agenda is HATE! Their only agenda id to DEFEAT HIM and DEPORT ALL OF US!

How can youi NOT say WE THE PEOPLE support OUR PRESIDENT against all of these Hate Filled Zealots!


Dee said...

For My Latino and Humanitarian Readers:

I am allowing another post by the Hate Filled ANTIs to post.

They are Republicans.
They are Tea Partiers.
They HATE President Obama.
They HATE Latinos.

This is what WE and the President must contend with.

Register to Vote!
Support President Obama!
Seguro Que Si!

Dee said...

Here is their post:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "President Obama Tours the Country Promoting Jobs B...":

You and your ethnocentric, racist group do not represent "we the people". We the people are not traitorous, arrogant and vying for illegal foreigners in our midst as you Hispanics are. You Hispanics think your shit doesn't stink. It sickens me the way you all think your are so special that our polticians should kiss your asses and snub their noses at our immigration laws just for you. Who the hell do you Hispanics think they are? I have never met such a self-centered, arrogant, racist and anti-American group such as Hispanics are You all don't even seem to have a conscience about what you are. Is it a cultural thing you people are born with? God help this country if you ever become the majority. We will be the most racist country on earth unlike even during the racism of the Civil Rights Era. I hope you all will be proud of what you will turn this country into.

Vicente Duque said...

Yes Dee, you are right : "Seguro que si"


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Superdestroyer said...

Any Republican who supports CIR is supporting the extinction of any conservative party in the U.S. Adding millions of poor, automatic Democratic Party voting Hispanics to the voters rolls will lead to the end of any conservative party in the U.S. along with leading to higher taxes, poorer schools, and a lower quality of life for the core Republican groups.

Massive immigration, cheap labor, and high taxes harms the core groups of the Republican Party will giving massive benefits to the core groups of the Democratic Party.

Why Republican who supports amnesty is so stupid they are just demonstrating that they do not understand math.

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