Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Republican Debate PROVES Obama the Right Choice in 2012!

I've recently read reports about the increased number of deportations by the Obama Administration vs the number of deportations during the Bush Administration. Some in the Latino Blogger Community are upset by this. I'm not. Here's why. The Obama Administration has been focusing on deportation of felonious criminals. I support this. They have put in place measures to stop the deportation of Students and non-felonious criminals. I support this.
The Bush Administration was not so focused on the number of Deportations. What they were focused on was massive ICE Raids and arrest/detention of Latino workers. The largest ICE raids in US History happened during the Bush Administration. The highest rate was in Laurel, MS. The 2nd highest in Postville, IA. The next in meat packing plants, including Swift and Pilgrim, all across the US. Their focus was on ARRESTS, RAIDS, keeping those arrested in Detention Centers owned by their private prison owner Political Contributers. They arrested Moms and Dads and Kids and put them in deplorable, privately owned prisons.
During the Obama adminstration, we have seen NO massive ICE raids, no massive detentions. Instead, the focus has been on Felonious Criminals, then deporting them as quickly as possible.
I support our President.
To even consider anyone in the Republican Presidential Candidate field in Downright Scary!
Consider what they are saying right now about Latinos. I'm watching the Republican Debates and I realize we cannot allow any of these zealots to become President. Right now, they are on the topic of Immigration. All of them are ANTI Immigrant and ANTI Latino.
Herman Cain: Continues to advocate an Electrical Fence on the Mexican Border. He said, "Kill Them! Yes. Secure the Border FOR REAL. Yes. Fence. Yes. Electricity. Yes. Military. Enforce Current Laws (aka: Mass Deportation.)"
Perry: Boots on the Ground. Predator Drones. Mitt Romney hires illegal immigrants.
Bachmann: Obama's Uncle & Aunt are Illegal. I will build a double walled fence along the entire (2000 mile) border. I will Enforce Official English (no Spanish). No Benefits. Repeal the 14th Amendment. No more Anchor Babies.
Romney: Loves legal immigration. Secure Border. Turn off magnets. Turn off Tuition Breaks (the Dream Act).
Gingrich: Don't differentiate Latinos from other immigrants. Just work hard and come here legally, otherwise face the consequences.
Paul: Rights don't come in bunches and neither do people.

Imagine a Country where ANY of these Republican Tea Party Zealots becomes President! I say NO! Vote for President Obama!

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Vicente Duque said...

Republican Debate in Las Vegas : Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - The Candidates proposed the best ways to aggravate the American Economic Problems, specially Joblessness, the cures that the Candidates propose will sicken the patient even more

I felt a lot of repugnance, revulsion, repulsion, dislike and aversion but I could finish watching this orgy of unreason, from beginning to end.

I do not want to sin by exaggerating and creating a lot of fear. A republican president probably won't sink the American Empire, even George W. Bush could not destroy America in its Economy and Foreign Policy, even if his eight years were lost economic time and a military quagmire.

So America is strong and resilient, as we saw in the George W. Bush years, and it could not be destroyed by that bad Government, even if it caused a Big Recession, the greatest since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

America is so strong because of its institutions, ideology of Free Enterprise and Freedom of Speech - This nation can even endure a Government of Mitt Romney without sinking like the Titanic Ship of the Movie.

President Obama is a man that I greatly admire and love, a Great Man and President, and he probably exaggerated a little when he said that a Republican Administration from 2013 to 2016 would cripple the American Economy. But there is a lot of reason in that assertion.

The Republican Candidates never refer to Economic History of America or other nations. They seem perfectly ignorant of the Economic Wisdom of the Ages, and of the Political History of the World.

And even worse there is a lot of fanaticism, bigotry, prejudice and racism in their repeated campaign lines and empty slogans of these vain and frivolous celebrities.

I have compared the Republican Candidates to a Parrots Perch, some other have compared them to "Alice in Wonderland" and to the characters of the "Wizard of Oz".

Why ?? - Because of the Magic Solutions to very complex economic problems that they do not understand and are unable to understand. And because of the constant parroting and repetition of empty phrases and ridiculous lies that seem like platitudes but are dangerous darts against reason and good sense.

"I will be a Good President because I was a successful Businessman".

"I will be a Good President because I am a tax accountant"

"I will fight for Women and Moms, Women and Moms, Women and Moms"

"I will fight for Family Values, Family Values, Family Values"

They are empty celebrities looking for Money, the money that comes from selling books, working for Fox News, or stealing campaign money from the fools that donate.

They are empty celebrities like Sarah Palin that became rich preaching nonsense, bigotry, racism, etc ... in the Good Company of that Unsurpassed and Superb Crazy of Craziness : Mr Glenn Beck.

All of them looking for endorsements from Rush Limbaugh and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This is the Glorification of Ignorance, Irresponsibility, Bigotry, Fanaticism, Racism and Lies.


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