Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tea Party 'Republican Jeff Duncan call Latinos "ANIMALS" and "VAGRANTS!"

Tea Party Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) made very RACIST Comments against Latinos calling them ANIMALS and VAGRANTS!! The South Carolina congressman participated in a Q&A event with Furman University students on Monday evening. The appearance generated national attention after he made an unusual tie between United States immigration issues and a house without doors.

Duncan said, "It's kind of like having a house -- and you're not homeowners, a lot of folks in this room, but your moms and dads are -- taking the door off the hinges and allowing any kind of vagrant, or animal, or just somebody that's hungry, or somebody that wants to do your dishes for you, to come in. And you can't say, 'No you can't come in.' And you can’t say, 'No you can’t stay all night.' Or 'No you can't have this benefit, using my deodorant.'"

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Vicente Duque said...

Defeat of Nazi Swastikas and Double Sig Runes : Russell Pearce lost an historic state senate recall election Tuesday in Arizona. Russell Pearce was the key force behind Arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants.

America wins - Hate loses !

Russell Pearce's Bag of Dirty Tricks failed - The American Spirit and Democracy was superior to Racial Hatred and Election Frauds ( many ugly filthy tricks )

Beginning of the End for Arizona Racist Bastards and Nazis. The Great Friend of American Nazi Chief Gauleiter J. T. Ready is ousted from his post in Arizona Senate.

America Defeated the Nazis in the Second World War with the loss of many hundreds of thousands of American Lives - And the Nazi Racists parade in Phoenix Arizona to gather strength to rule the nation. But they are beginning to fail now.

Christian Science Monitor
Russell Pearce, architect of illegal immigration law in Arizona, loses election
By David Schwartz, Reuters
November 9, 2011

Some excerpts :

A powerful Republican state Senate leader who championed Arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants lost his office on Tuesday in a historic recall election, returns showed. Russell Pearce's defeat is a message to the GOP, say some analysts, that jobs and the economy should be a higher priority than illegal immigrants.

Russell Pearce branded his political opponents as "far left liberals" and labor union activists, and chastised the recall election coming when he has just one year left in his current term.

Lewis, 55, has maintained that residents could not afford to wait until the next election to replace a man who he said has tarnished Arizona's image.

The stage for the recall race was set in July when Brewer, a strong supporter of Pearce, approved the mid-term election challenge after a citizen's group turned in enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

Lewis said the Southwestern state badly needs someone who can tackle immigration and other issues with an approach free of "fear-mongering and political rhetoric," and said Arizona should work with the federal government on a comprehensive immigration solution, not battle the government in court.

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