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Republican Tea Party are Puppets of the Rich! Fueled by their HATE for the President and for Latinos!

When I think of the American Dream, I think of our forefather's words in the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

These words are the very foundation of our country. We are a land of Immigrants. We are a country of Equality for ALL. Why don't the Republican Tea Partiers support our forefathers words? Why do they continue to preach inequality and favoritism of the rich and big business? Why do they continue to demonize Latinos with words including "Build an electric fence!" "Shoot them like Pigs!" "Their Animals! Vagrants!"

Towards the Poor and the Elderly, the Tea Partiers say: "Go find a Job!" "End Social Security!" "End Medicare!" "End Regulations!" All of the words of their Rich, Big Business, Wall Street Backers. Why are these Teapartiers, many of them poor people on Social Security and Medicare, WHY on earth are they mouthing the words of their Rich Masters?

Our society has evolved. We live in a society in which money is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few people, and the concentration of income and wealth has created tremendous power in the hands of a few. These "FEW" (aka Koch Brothers, Wall Street Bankers and Hedge Fund Managers) are bankrolling Tea Partiers. These RICH Power Brokers are able to make the Tea Partiers their puppets and mimic their agenda. The Tea Partiers are accepting their contributions because these dollars are fueling the Tea Partiers HATE.

The majority of Tea Partiers HATE!:
. Our President, primarily because he is Black. They will do ANYTHING to rid themselves of our President.
. They HATE Latinos and most people South of the Border. They've create State Laws which Target Latinos. Yet they say they are NOT racist.

Here's one example: One of my commenters refuses to acknowledge he is racist, yet he said about his state (Alabama) law: "if you choose to violate our borders, then you need the big, bad hammer of the Alabama authorities to come down on your little brown head." Then he became upset because I said he was racist. He responded with, "Racist? Dee, just because I use southern colloquialisms to reference illegals does not constitute racism." and "Then, as my fellow southerners so colorfully speak, those illegal bean-eaters wont have any choice but to return to their home country's and seek legally to return to the U.S."

What is amazing is that this racist doesn't acknowledge his own racism.

What is sad is that most of the Tea Partiers are NOT rich. They collect Social Securiy. They collect Medicare. They collect unemployment when not employed. They use the Interstate Highways. They go to the Emergency room when get into an accident or are sick. Their children and grandchildren utilize the Educational system. They use the Post Office. They call the Police or Firefighters when they get in trouble. Their Meat/Poultry is inspected so they don't suffer from disease. Their lands are protected from illegal dumping of toxic waste.

YET the Tea Partiers SAY they are against our Government. They are against Regulation. They are against ending Tax Cuts for the Rich. They MOUTH all of the words of their Big Business Puppet Masters!


Vicente Duque said...

Two VIDEOs, Robocall Election Fraud in Arizona Today, November 8, 2011 - Russell Pearce's Henchmen are deceiving Democrats and Latino Voters - The Last in Nazi Scoundrels and Dirty Trick Politics

Russell Pearce has been one of the closest friends of the Greatest American Nazi Bastard J. T. Ready.

Robocall Deceives Arizona Latino Voters?

Uploaded by NewsyPolitics on Nov 7, 2011

Transcript by


Just a day before a recall election between current Senator Russell Pearce and challenger Jerry Lewis, some Mesa, Arizona voters are claiming 'voter deception.' This comes after some received a robocall instructing them to protest the election. Here's KNXV with the call.

"Voters beware. If you plan to vote this Tuesday, you should know that both candidates for State Senator, Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis, are Republicans. The only other candidate, Olivia Cortez was forced to withdraw last month. You can protest this one-sided election by writing in your own candidate."

Since the robocaller had a Spanish accent and mentioned Olivia Cortes, some say the robocall was targeted at Latino voters in Mesa's 18th district.

REPORTER: "The message seems to try to split Latino voters' loyalty. Do they vote for the man who opposes Pearce, Jerry Lewis, or try and write in a candidate of their own? And if that happens does it hurt Lewis' chances to win."
GLORIA CHAVEZ: "You're purposefully trying to mislead voters, and that should be illegal." (KNXV)

The person behind the robocall, Ron Ludders. Although he claims the message was purely informational, critics were quick to point out, Ludders is a Pearce supporter. The Phoenix New Times says...

"Riiight. Maybe that's why the robocall fails to "inform" voters that Olivia Cortes was herself a Republican, as well as a sham candidate placed on the ballot by Tea Party members in order to assist their wingnutty God, Russell Pearce."

The Los Angeles Times provides some background on Pearce, who was already a controversial choice for Latino voters due to his strong stance on immigration.

"He wrote the more recent controversial Senate Bill 1070, which forces police to investigate the immigration status of people they have lawfully detained. It is being challenged by the Obama administration."

The Pearce campaign says they didn't know about nor did they approve the robocall. The message is currently under investigation, and if it is found to have deceived voters, the Arizona Attorney General will take on the issue.

Transcript by Newsy.

Robocall Deceives Arizona Latino Voters?


Another Russell Pearce Scandal Ron Ludders


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Arizona, Interview with Jerry Lewis after he won the seat in a recall election against Russell Pearce. Russell Pearce supported by Governor Jan Brewer was the Architect Author and Icon of the "Papers Please" Law SB 1070

Published on Nov 9, 2011 by abc15com

Raw interview with Jerry Lewis after victory

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