Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've lived a long time and I've never seen the world in the state of turmoil such as it is today. Now is the time that All Americans, ALL People of the World should be very vigilante.

Over the last several decades, the rich and powerful have succeeded in capturing enough political power to control the vast majority of economic capital in our country and in the world. They control 99% of the wealth. They want to continue to control this wealth. However, they can only do so if their programs continue, including tax breaks for the rich, ending health/environment regulations and outsourcing jobs to the lowest bidders. They know and understand that in order to fund their misdeeds, social programs have to be discontinued. Programs like Social Security and Medicare must end in order to pay for their programs.

The Rich/Powerful (e.g. Koch Brothers) have been wise. They already controlled Republican Conservatives. However, they realized, through the Bush years and after Bush, in 2008, allowed the economy to meltdown, the Public started getting wise to their dirty tricks. They had to stage a major coup to get the American Public on their side. They did it with the formation/funding of the Tea Party. With the help of Fox News, Glenn Beck and a few key Republican extremists, they formed/funded several Tea Party organizations and websites. Through grassroots campaigns, they somehow convinced White, Middle Aged, Rural Americans to champion their causes, including extending their tax cuts for the rich and cutting Social Security and Medicare. This was an amazing feat, considering most the of these Tea Partiers are (or know) someone on Social Security, Medicare or unemployment. The Rich/Powerful were able to manipulate their TeaParty members into supporting their causes primarily due to their hatred of our Black President.

However now, the rich and the powerful realize they have gone too far. They are seeing the American People and the People of the World AWAKEN! At long last, it is evident to the World that we are at a crossroads. We can either continue to go along this same path, the path of the past, the path that allows the rich elitists to control the world and stop this wonderful experiment we called America.

America! The land of Immigrants. The land of the Free! The Home of the Brave. Where ALL PEOPLE are created EQUAL and we ALL can Achieve the American Dream, regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. A land where there is help for the helpless, hope for the hopeless and we care for our elderly and sick.

People in America and across the world have to make a choice. Will we continue down the road where the Rich and Powerful control the Economies of the World or will WE THE PEOPLE stand up to them and say NO?

The rich and the powerful realize their time of reaping and pillaging is almost over. They believe they have to put a stake in the ground and drawn a line in the sand if their power, their rule, is to continue. They need a Republican in power to carry out their Dirty Tricks. They will do it at ANY Cost!


We The People must be ever vigilant to their Dirty Deeds if we are to change our course and ensure that this Beautiful Experiment is to continue! AMERICA - the Land of Immigrants, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, where ALL PEOPLE are Created Equal, and WE THE PEOPLE can Achieve the American Dream!

God Bless America!
God Bless Our President - Barack Obama!

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jaylen watkins said...

some inspirational cartoons has been drawn. These shows the fire.

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