Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Racist Republican Tea Party Favorite Calls Our First Lady Michelle Obama "Uppity" (as in N Word)!

Republican Tea Party Favorite Rush Limbaugh calls our First Lady Michelle Obama Uppity (as in N Word)!
Uppity: "Acting Above Your Station"
Rush Limbaugh used this reference as the reason Nascar Fans Booed our 1st Lady! Is Racist Limbaugh saying Nascar Fans are racist too?
LA Times.com reports: Rush Limbaugh: NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama for 'uppity-ism’
Rush Limbaugh condemns, criticizes and otherwise lambastes many things, as his radio listeners know. But Michelle Obama seems to have become a target for particularly personal attacks from the conservative radio talk-show host. First, he called out the first lady on her weight; now he says she’s guilty of "uppity-ism."

Cracking on Obama's waistline (and nicknaming her Moochelle) was offensive and personal enough. But "uppity-ism"? That phrase -- uttered on Fatso Limbaugh's Monday's edition of his show -- won't sit well with some Americans, particularly African Americans. Historically, "uppity" was considered a code word for blacks whom white people perceived as trying to rise above their station in life.

The use of the term follows the chorus of boos that the first lady and Jill Biden (wife of Vice President Joe Biden) received at a Sunday's Sprint Cup finale -- a NASCAR event -- in Florida. The pair were at the Homestead-Miami Speedway as part of their campaign to raise awareness about Joining Forces, an initiative to support military families.

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rush limber cheese is a pill popping, fat slob that has no class and will forever be nothing more than a cock roach the needs to be stomp out.

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