Monday, November 21, 2011

TeaParty Republican Policemen Attack (with Pepper Spray) Peacefully Protesting Students

TeaParty Republican Policemen Attack (with Pepper Spray) Peacefully Protesting Students:
You may ask, "How do I know these Abusive Policemen were Republican?" It is obvious. Democrats would NOT attack these innocent students who were utilizing their Constitutional Rights to peacefully protest. Look at the Pictures! Look at the Video! Look at the ANGER in the RED Faced Policemen. Obviously they listen to Fox News Radio!

The abuse by police against these peacefully protesting students is NO JOKE and Nothing to Laugh About.

We are encountering troubling times in our Nation right now. We the People have a 1st Amendment right to protest. The Wall Street protesters are protesting the abuses committed by Wall Street!

There are so many senior citizens who have lost all of their life savings due to Wall Street abuses. I have witnessed this!
How many of us every day Americans have been victims of the Wall Street Predators who oversaw the abusive Lending Practices and the repackaging of mortgage shenanigans advocated by the Wall Street sharks? Yet, the Republicans call these Big Business charlatans "Job Creators" and are content with our government bailing them out, and they continue to advocate continue Tax Cuts for the Rich.

Out of the other side of their mouths, these TeaParty Republicans advocate Ending Social Security, ending Medicare, stopping Unemployment Benefits, Ending Unions and collective bargaining, ending Minimum Wage, ending Child Labor laws, ending Safety Regulations in all areas including Meat/Poultry inspections and they advocate ANTI Latino racial profiling in support of Mass Deportation of the 11M here.

I, for one, am not happy at the thought of losing My Social Security -- since I have worked over 40+ years -- my ENTIRE life, paying taxes and contributing to Social Security for all of these years.

Frankly, I don't understand how regular Americans -- so called Tea Partiers -- continue to support Rich Big Business and call our President a Socialist. Don't they use our interstate highways? Our bridges and our infrastructure? Don't they use Social Security and Medicare? When unemployed, don't they apply for unemployment? If they work, don't they feel happy about all of the Union accomplishments including: 40 hr workweek, minimum wage, child labor laws and OSHA safety standards?

We are encountering troubling times right now and we should all be very aware of the issues that are being discussed -- prior to the next election. This next election will be a Life Changer for all of us. At a minimum, we should all become informed of the issues and register to vote and then VOTE in 2012!

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