Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking News: I was just on the Michael Medved Show and Asked Him Why the Witch Hunt Against Eric Holder!

Breaking News: I was just on the Michael Medved Talk Radio show. I often listen to his show on my way home from my Consulting job. I frequently disagree with Michael, but he is likable and I listen to hear the opposition's perspective so I can write about them on my blog.
I never call in to talk radio shows but I decided to do so today because he was talking about Eric Holder and the President and he was clearly uninformed regarding the facts about "Fast and Furious." Since I just completed research about this issue, I asked why he and Republicans are on this witch hunt against Attorney General Holder and the President. He started spouting his talking points. I shared the history of events, starting with Project Gunrunner. What was amazing to me is, he was totally unaware, and admitted this, about: ATF William Newell and his operation in Phoenix going "rogue," allowing "Gun-Walking."  THIS IS THE CORE OF THE CASE!
Michael was also unaware of Agent Newell's testimony last July, 2011, during the Congressional Hearings when he testified and apologized the "Gun-Walking."
Michael is very good at overtalking, but he was clearly stumped and he admitted he was not aware that Newell's role was the CORE of the Case.

And he is also totally unaware of the reason for the contempt charges. It is clear that Republicans Grassley and Issa's motives are political. Holder has provided over 7,000 documents and has said he will sit down and detail these documents. However he will not include documents that identify undercover informants or documents related to pending cases that may jeopardize the prosecution of those indicted.
The only core/kernel that Republicans Grassley/Issa are standing on is THIS LETTER sent to Grassley in February, 2011 by the DOJ representative responding to Grassley's questions about the program after the whistle blower asked Grassley to investigate. Grassley interpretted th letter as saying the DOJ was LYING and DENYING "Fast & Furious" existed. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THE LETTER IS SAID. This letter talks about Project Gunrunner and NOT about the rogue operation "Gun-Walking" committed by Agent Newell and his crew in Phoenix.

Michael admitted he was unaware of so many CORE issues, but kept over-talking me. I wrote to him afterward encouraging him to read my article about this subject.
Deep inside, I think Michael has good intentions, but it's too bad he doesn't personally investigate the history and the facts before he goes on Witch Hunts. He is just like so many other Republican pundits.

I hope they start studying the facts.

God Bless America
God Bless Our President Barack Obama!

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