Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney Hiding From Previous Statements About Vetoing Dream Act! Right Wingers Up in Arms Against Dream Policy!

Watch this Video. A few months ago, while he was still pandering to the far right crowd, Romney brazenly stated that if he was elected President and if President Obama passed the Dream Act, he would VETO it on his 1st day of office. Since President Obama announced his Dream Policy, Romney - who has been attempting to pander to Latinos, has been ducking questions on whether he will VETO the President's decision. On this morning's "This Week with George Stephanopolous, Tim Pawlenty claimed Romney never said it. These Republicans forget about videos when they try to etch a sketch their lies.
We all know the Republican's agenda. Romney said he wants all 11M to Mass Self Deport themselves. That's on video too, but Pawlenty forgot that comment as well. 
In fact, most of the right wingers are ANTI Latinos and against the Dream Act. They strongly support the racial profiling bills like sb1070.
Right now, many of them are up in arms against the President's new DREAM policy. Romney's Immigration Advisor Kris Kobach is angry. Kobach said the new policy is “illegal” because it violates a section of the 1996 Immigration Reform Act. “What the president is describing is a policy that we will refuse to initiate deportation proceedings,” which Kobach said goes against current law.
HINO Marco Rubio is rescinding his Bogus DREAM Act proposal. As we all know, his Bogus proposal would have never been introduced due to the hate-filled rhetoric of Anti-Latino Republicans and it was merely Rubio's attempt to pander to Latino Voters.

To be expected, Arizona Republican Governor (La Bruja) Jan Brewer calls the Dreamer Policy "Outrageous" and "backdoor amnesty." Racial Prsaofiler Arpaio has denounced it.
Republican former Prez Candidate Rick Santorum said President Obama was "arrogant" and this was a "grab for power."
Nutty Republican Sarah Palin said our President was "pandering."
Zealot rep. from Iowa Steve King said the policy "meets the definition of amnesty."

For these Republican zealots who are opposed to this new policy, President Obama said he called on Congress Friday to send him a bill that would address the issue. "I've said time and time and time again to Congress, send me the Dream Act, put it on my desk, and I will sign it right away," he said. "Both parties wrote this legislation."

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Anonymous said...

"In fact, most of the right wingers are ANTI Latinos and against the Dream Act. They strongly support the racial profiling bills like sb1070".

What a lying POS you are!!!!!
Yes, Republicans are opposed to the Dream Act but they are not anti-Latino nor was sb1070 a racial profiling law.


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