Monday, June 25, 2012

Republican Supreme Court Upholds Racial Profiling aspect of sb1070. Arpayaso Laughs and Gloats! (See Video)

Racist Arpaio Laughs and Gloats at Republican Supreme Court Ruling! Claims he will continue to conduct his (racist/racial profiling) "Suppression Sweeps!"


Felix Jaure said...

Arpaio's motto: If you can't thrill them with the truth, dazzle them with bullshit.

Vicente Duque said...

Daily Beast : Arizona Democrats call for beefed-up voter registration - Latino leaders say enforcement of the SB 1070 will cause civil-rights abuses - While Arizona has “SB 1070 fatigue,” Randy Parraz said, the Latino electorate has “no fatigue for justice.”

My own comment :

Mitt Romney is the most Racist, Bigoted, Ethnicist and Nativist Candidate since Barry Goldwater in 1964. Romney and the Republican Party represent Racism and Right Wing Hatred. Like when Republican U. S. Senator Rand Paul says that Restaurants should have the right to reject people on the basis of Skin Color.

A vote for Romney is a vote for the Enemies of Civil Rights and in favor of Injustice.

The Daily Beast
Obama Piles On Arizona After Supreme Court Immigration Ruling
By Terry Greene Sterling
Jun 26, 2012

Some excerpts :

“If they think this is the heart, the law will soon need a heart transplant,” said Randy Parraz, the Latino leader who was key in the recall-election defeat of state Sen. Russell Pearce, the law’s sponsor.

Parraz said the law had an unintended silver lining, galvanizing the Latino electorate into action. And while Arizona has “SB 1070 fatigue,” he said, the Latino electorate has “no fatigue for justice.” He predicted the downfall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other hardliners in the 2012 election.


Vicente Duque said...

Ignorance is very BOLD and very FOOLISH : Governor Jan Brewer hails as a Great Victory that Section 2(B) was approved by SCOTUS, but this section lacks teeth and the Federal Government may choose not to deport. Immigrant advocates inevitably will press civil rights challenges on an “as applied” basis.

SCOTUS Blog : Professor of Law Peter Spiro ( Specialist in Immigration ), Temple University. "Online symposium: Supreme Court (mostly) guts S.B. 1070" - the Court’s opinion in Arizona v. United States is mostly a victory for S.B. 1070’s opponents

Online symposium: Supreme Court (mostly) guts S.B. 1070
By Professor of Law Peter Spiro
June 25th, 2012

Some excerpts :

This is a nominally split decision, but the Court’s opinion in Arizona v. United States is mostly a victory for S.B. 1070’s opponents. Although the Court upheld the “check your papers” provision, it struck down three others that would have had much greater impact on the ground. Justice Kennedy’s opinion validates broad federal authority over immigration, allowing only marginal participation on the part of states. The decision will take a lot of wind out of restrictionist sails at the state level.


But Section 2(B) lacks teeth: it may require state law enforcement to make immigration status determinations, but there isn’t much that the state can do with determinations once made. The state can pass the information along to federal immigration authorities, who are then free to do nothing. In other words, Section 2(B) won’t result in anybody being deported. Justice Kennedy was, moreover, careful to keep the door open to subsequent challenges of Section 2(B) to the extent that it’s applied in an unreasonable fashion – if it were used, for instance, to justify prolonged detentions. By implementing Section 2(B), the state will buy itself little more than another round in court as immigrant advocates inevitably press civil rights challenges on an “as applied” basis.


The decision will cramp restrictionist efforts in state capitals, on top of growing headwinds from business constituencies. Washington presents other sorts of obstacles, of course. Perhaps this is the worst of both worlds for S.B. 1070’s proponents: no clear defeat to use as a rallying call with Congress, no clear victory to secure broad laws in other states.


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