Saturday, June 16, 2012


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Vicente Duque said...

I think that there will be a big turnout of Latinos in November. They could vote 75% or Higher for Obama and increase the turnout in more than 2 million additional votes, specially in Swing States like Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, and why not to flip Arizona.

And to advance the date when Texas will become a Swing State.

But it depends on everyone of us to make propaganda, visit and persuade friends, canvassing, door to door salesmanship for the Democratic Party.

And registration of New Voters and Youngsters - Right Now !

Even if you are not Latino the possibility exists that you are a Black Guy, Asian, Native American Indian, Mixed Race, etc ... and you can be easily confused as a Latino by Brutal and Ignorant Policemen that are going to bother you with Racial Profiling, or even worse you end up in jail for forgetting to carry your "Papers Please" ....

I have published some articles on Riots, Segregations, Harassments, Persecutions and Violence against some White People in the past : against the Irish in Philadelphia and New York. Riots and hangings of Italians in New Orleans and Louisiana, and others.

I hope that their descendants remember how their ancestors were mistreated by brutal Nativists, Know-Nothing Ignorants, Racists, Ku Klux Klan, or White Supremacists.

Now that the Republican Party has become and Agency of Racism, Hatred, Prejudice, Bigotry, and Fanaticism. These Historical facts are important for voter decisions.

I will be publishing more articles about the Historical suffering of many White Europeans and others that were rejected, persecuted, harassed, murdered or hanged for being White Immigrants. Even if you consider that this is past History, it is good to remember in these troubled times of hatred and lies of Mitt Romney and the Republicans.


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