Friday, September 7, 2012

Great News! Unemployment DROPS to 8.1% -- We're On the Right Course with our President's Policies!

I know the Republican Machine is trying to spin the numbers but it is important for the American People to see and understand the actual statistics. Here is the U.S. Jobs Report. Look at the devastation in 2008 during Bush's term. Look at the effects of Republican policies - Tax Cuts for the Rich and De-Regulation. The bottom dropped out and created the worst impact since the Great Depression. That's what was handed our President. Look at the recovery based on our President's policies. Unemployment has dropped to 8.1% in August. We are on the RIGHT COURSE! (click picture for closer view)

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Felix Jaure said...

The G.O.P. was fully aware that after the great economic disaster, under the Bush era Administration, that there was not virtually any possibility whats so ever, of a Republican, Presidential,Candidate to be elected,. Shroud business men, were willing to wait out the four years, freeze any domestic investments that would aid in stimulating the economy. They would intern blame the current administration for the slow job recovery, and reap a victory in the upcoming 2012 election.

Statistically, according to P.T. Barnum, "a sucker is born every minute" if we tabulate the number of minutes, since President Obama took office and compare it too the number of registered voters favoring Mitt Romney, Barnum's number was a "CONSERVATIVE" number.

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