Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Video Shows Last Week's Republican Convention based on Hatred of Minorities and our President!

Watching the Democratic Convention last night, it was so nice to see such a joyous celebration of Patriotism and Unity in supporting our President for Four More Years. Speaker after Speaker spoke from their hearts and were embraced by love from the delegate audience.
This is so different than what was on display last week at the Republican Convention. While this week, the Convention is focused on support for our Candidate, last week - Republicans focused on the hatred of our President and their hatred of certain people, policies and issues. It is not a wonder that reports indicate the TV ratings DROPPED by 30% from the Republican Convention of 2008.
As I previously reported, Republican delegates attacked a Black Camera woman.  Some newsites are reporting this youtube video of Republican delegates boo-ing Zoraida Fonalledas, the Republican delegate from Puerto Rico. Look at the faces of these angry delegates. Most are shouting "Get her off - Get them off!" Demanding they remove the Puerto Rican from the stage. It was necessary for Rance Priebus, the RNC Chairman, to calm them down. Look at the delegates' faces. This is so different than the Democratic Convention.


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : The Democratic Party of Puerto Rico is furious with the Republican Governor and his Wife, this last lady presented Ann Romney to the RNC - According to Democrats they have no shame, after the Booing of Zoraida ( Puerto Rican Delegate Lady )

Watch the Video of the Booing and the "Governess" of Puerto Rico presenting Ann Romney to the RNC.

The Booing of Zoraida Fonalledas has created Political Attacks in Puerto Rico against the Republican Governor and his Wife, Democrats say that the Governor and his wife are "stooges" or "shills" of Mitt Romney. Republicans are blamed of having no shame and no dignity.

And that the Women in the Island of Puerto Rico are going to suffer because of the Republican Attacks against Abortion, Medicare, Medicaid, Birth Control and the Reproductive Rights of Women.

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Vicente Duque said...

Let's accept the explanation of the RNC

Is it logical that some delegates put angry faces and insult a Lady from say Kansas or Oklahoma ??

They were directing the angry insults at the lady on the podium, they were looking ahead not sideways or backward.

Is it logical that the name of the country "United States of America" USA be shouted in an angry mood to other people, Americans or Not ?? and with angry gestures of hands and arms ??

There are many Puerto Ricans in Florida, super swing state. Are they charmed with the RNC ??, perhaps not !


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