Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sheriffs Across the Country Condemn Sheriff Arpaio for his Immmoral Tactics!

Joe Arpaio calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” but the Arizonan might instead be the biggest fraud in law enforcement,On Friday to a Coronado audience, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore hinted Joe Arpaio was the biggest FRAUD in Law Enforcement. “When somebody is doing something right, what’s the highest form of flattery? Impersonation or whatever,” Gore said. “You don’t see what he’s doing being copied all over the United States.”
Sheriff Gore is appalled about Arpaio's assertion that President Obama’s birth certificate is fake. Sheriff Gore criticized Arpaio for sending a posse of volunteer investigators to Hawaii—far outside of his jurisdiction—to look into the matter. Sheriff Gore said the situation was embarrassing and said about the birthers’ contention: “I ain’t buying it. I think it’s a gigantic waste of energy—and I’m a Republican,” he told the Coronado Roundtable at the Coronado Library.
Many believe Arpaio is a media-attention seeking clown and denounces his housing of inmates in tents in the desert offering them green bologna sandwiches and assigning them pink underwear. “I have a different philosophy, my predecessor had a different philosophy, all the professional people in corrections have a different philosophy,” Sheriff Gore said. “The job, the punishment is removing them from society.”
Sheriff Gore noted that part of his responsibility is to be mindful of recidivism rates and how proper treatment can play a role in keeping inmates from returning to jail after their releases.
This isn’t the first time Arpaio has come under fire by fellow sheriffs.
In 2011, Pima County Sheriff Dupnik of Tucson told Newsmax that if Arpaio were an appointed chief of police instead of an elected official, he would be “fired tomorrow” for comments he made about the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others.
In 2008, a New York Times editorial called Arpaio “America’s worst sheriff,” citing a report on his record by the Goldwater Institute.

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