Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romney Doesn't Have a Clue in How to Deal with the Little People!

Sometimes I think Republican strategists are DUMB AS ROCKS!
Why on earth would they send their Rich Ole Boy out among the people?
Why did they send him out "among the people" during the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac? Did they think he would perform better than their ole boy Prez W Bush?

Romney didn't.

Pundits.Understand this!
Romney is rich. He is privileged. Why don't you know this!
Romney DOES NOT KNOW how to react among REGULAR PEOPLE!

Romney is rich and priveleged. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
How is he supposed to react when a regular person, even a regular WHITE person, comes up to him in an emergency and asks what she should do when her house is under water due to Hurricane Isaac.

Let's think logically.
Romney DOES NOT KNOW how to respond to regular people.
He has "PEOPLE" who do those types of interactions for him.
He has "PEOPLE" who interact with the underlings, the little people.
It is not HIS job, as CEO or as PERSON IN CHARGE to deal with the Little People.
Why don't Romney's underlings know this?
Why is Romney constantly EXPOSED to the Little People?

America understands that Romney doesn't have a Clue.
AND.. we will remember this on Election Day!

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