Monday, February 25, 2008

PROs Rallying for Equal Rights and Immigration Reform!

More and More American Citizens rally against States´restrictionist Immigration Bills being pushed by ANTI groups:

Hundreds Protest Maryland Immigration Bills
Mon February 25, 2008 - Annapolis, Md.
Hundreds of immigrants protested Monday night for equal rights in front of the Maryland State House, as lawmakers are considering dozens of bills that would crack down on those in the state illegally.Some of the bills would cut off benefits to people who can't prove they're in the U.S. Legally. From Mexico, El Salvador and beyond, Maryland's latino community wants equal rights for all immigrants.
Angelo Solera, who came to the U.S. 27 years ago from Spain, was in the crowd. "Most people in this country are immigrants. They came at one point or another. All of a sudden the new immigrants, which are latinos, are supposed to be bad and we don't want them here."Solera is now a U.S. Citizen, but knows it could be tougher for those who are trying to follow in his foot steps. Nearly two dozen bills have been filed in the Maryland General Assembly, aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants. An increasing number of anti-immigration groups have helped put pressure on lawmakers to do something about illegal immigration.
"They themselves are frustrated, but their parents also, because they come here for a better future for their kids. Gets frustrating for them not to be able to have that," said Maryland resident Karla Lopez. Organizers of events, like the protest in Annapolis, are staying optimistic. "As the evidence of how broken the immigration system is becomes more immediate and direct, we also have many more allies supporting the issues that we're working on," said Kim Propeack with Casa de Maryland.Solera hopes even the toughest critics will look at all sides of the often divisive issue. "We always talk about the latino community and what it is taking from this country. What about the contributions that we are making to this country?"


patriot said...

Tell me dee, what would "non-restrictionist" laws be then? Wouldn't that just nullify the concept of laws, period?

What are these equal rights you speak of that are being violated? What citizen group isn't getting equal rights? Why would "immigrants" be protesting? You have a problem with benefits being cut off to illegal aliens?

This isn't about the Latino community per se. It is about all illegal aliens of all ethnicities. Twist and spin, twist and spin.

dianne said...

This week illegal immigration is being debated in the Kansas legislature. Focus is on employers and also to make certain illegal aliens are not using public (citizen) benefits. Testimony was heard from local contractors (right close to me) who have been run out of business because they can't compete with companies hiring illegals, not paying them overtime, etc. Feds demonstrated E-verify during the hearing.

I still think the focus must be on employers and sanctions for knowingly hiring illegals.

This wasn't even covered in the KC Star this morning but today illegal immigrant supporters will testify and mark my word, it will be front page news tomorrow.

Dee said...

My biggest complaint about the laws is the portion that makes them restrictionist. The restrictionist portion includes verbiage: "makes it illegal to knowingly transport illegal immigrants." The result = police proactively making stops, racially profiling all Hispanics or Native Americans just because they are brown, then asking for ID of all in the car, as they did in Tulsa, the home of the MM promoters of the bill.

patriot said...

Then you don't know the law, dee. As I said before, the key word here is "knowingly" transporting an illegal alien. You are spinning the truth again when you say that racial profiling is going on against Latinos in traffic stops. How many times do you have to be told with articles to back it up that only those arrested for a serious crime will be asked to prove their legal status in this country? Is that aldheimers thing kicking in again?

Again, the MM have no power to legislate bills in congress. So why do you keep bringing them up just because they support a certain bill? The NCLR and other Hispanic advocacy groups support certain bills too. So what? Keep the race card in your wallet, will you?

ultima said...

Folks like Solano miss the point entirely. It is amazing that he and the others don't realize that our country is different now than it was when a vast unsettled continent lay before the Founding Fathers. That and its relationship to environmental consideration are the main reasons for favoring restraint on immigration issues. Solano must be really dumb to see everything in terms of race.

Ty said...

"This isn't about the Latino community per se. It is about all illegal aliens of all ethnicities. Twist and spin, twist and spin."

Yup, we just stopped a carload of canadians and told 'em to turn tail and get outta here.

'Patriot'?? Stop trying to wrap yourself in my flag.

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