Friday, February 22, 2008

Texas Democratic Debate Winner: Democratic Party!

The Democratic Party won the Texas Democratic Debate last night!

Last evening´s debate showed us two intelligent, dynamic candidates. Whichever candidate is selected will be a vast, vast improvement versus our current Administration.

As millions of Democrats have said, WE will support the Democratic Candidate in November! We must win back the Presidency!

1. Where we have War, they will bring Peace.

2. Where we have a Healthcare Crisis, they will bring Universal Healthcare.

3. Where we have Immigration Chaos, they will bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

4. Where we have War Mongering, they will bring Diplomacy!

5. Where we have Economic Crisis, they will bring Economic Stability and Growth!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama shook hands at last night’s Texas debate.

I am proud of our 2008 Presidential Candidates!
Texas is going blue with your help!

PS: I am hoping to have a surprise Guest Blogger visit my Blog within the next few days! These are exciting times, my friends!


Anonymous said...

we look forward to better times, wonder who the guest is....

g.tijerina3 said...

I agree that we need someone who will do a better job of representing the United States and our principles. For my part, I believe that Obama would be the best candidate for the job. He embodies change and will be entering office ready and willing to be different from all those who preceded him.

patriot said...

Well almost anyone would be better than Bush but based on Obama's views on some of the issues, I don't necessarily think that his "changes" are going to be for the better either. Yes, I hope he does represent the U.S. rather than foreign interests but I have serious doubts about that too.

Anonymous said...

Well, we don't know whether Obama or Hill will better represent America. Both will do a better job than Bush at looking out for America's best interests

We know who is not representing America's best interests - Dee - Yet another one of the undocumented killed an American - this time it was four young kids, two of them aged 9 and one 12 and one 13

thank you Dee for fighting to keep the undocumented in the United States.

google the accident - it is clear that the undocumented person rana stop sign


Days after the Lakeview School bus crash, the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) joins the investigation.

“We are working closely with the state patrol into the circumstances surrounding the accident, including the legal status of the driver of the van,” said ICE agent Tim Counts.

23-year-old Alianiss Nunez Morales had been driving the van, which investigators say smacked into a Lakeview school bus

Dee said...

Welcome new Commenters!!

As an fyi -- I have been visiting several blogs and also invited several friends to join my blog. Please expect several new participants!!

Exciting times are ahead my friends and it will be great to keep these discussions both civil and informing.

Dee said...

Anon 1,
I will reveal the special guest´s name soon.

Dee said...

Anon 2,
While I agree the accident was unfortunate, please allow the police to investigate and determine who was at fault and or whether the awful weather was partly to blame.

Regarding immigration status, the article itself said the young 23 year old girl´s immigration status is "UNDER INVESTIGATION".

patriot said...

Well dee, I hope you didn't invite any of the White race haters from the Hispanic Business Forum. If so, civility will go out the window.

ultima said...

"Where we have War, they will bring Peace"

Aren't you forgetting Afghanistan?

"Where we have a Healthcare Crisis, they will bring Universal Healthcare."

Yeh, like Canada's where they give you a quick and dirty diagnosis and then you can wait forever to be treated and good luck if you have to go to an emergency room in a lot of pain. They might get to you in 12 hours. Then they charge you About $90 a month plus a a 50% income tax. Sounds really enticing doesn't it.

"Where we have Immigration Chaos, they will bring Comprehensive Immigration Reform!"

Otherwise known as blanket amnesty and another explosion of illegal aliens. We won't be able to recognize our country in 50-100 years and the memory of the Founding Fathers, Western Civilization and the principles and values on which our country was founded will be just that a fading memory of no interest to the new inhabitants as they slide deeper into the morass of Mexico Norte asking themselves, how did this happen, how did we kill the goose that laid the golden egg?

"Where we have Economic Crisis, they will bring Economic Stability and Growth!"

Yep, unsustainable, population-driven economic growth until the natural resources are exhausted.

I am happy to be your surprise guest blogger!

Dee said...

You´re a regular, Ulty!
And we are glad you are here.

You will have to admit Hillary or Obama will be a welcome change to our current Administration!

patriot said...

Actually, presidents don't have that much power. It is congress that does.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Dee, there are demonstrated cultural differences between the population of undocumented people in the usa and the citizens of the usa

the undocumented are more than twice as likely to drive drunk

and more than twice as likely to drive recklessly.

Please Dee, do a google search on this topic.

Your decision to invite millions of undocumented to stay in the USA is literally killing your fellow citizens ( and their children - as seen in this bus accident )

Dee, I know you have children and grandchildren and want them kept safe, just like the rest of us. Please take the time to read up on the trail of death left by the undocumented

Dee said...

Anon 2,
The reality is, there are 12M here in the US who, due to a variety of circumstances, are considered illegal immigrants. The Census bureau tells us that 40% of the 12M are Visa Overstays. They entered the country legally and now their papers have lapsed. They are either in the process or have given up on receiving updated documentation. These 12M people are from a number of countries, but again, the Census Bureau tells us that 50 - 60% are from Mexico. Many of these 12M have been here +5 - 20 years. Most are productive, hard working, felony free people. Their crime rate is lower vs that of the American public.

Anon, what you and many ANTIs do is continue to attempt to place the guilt of one on the many. That would be like me saying you are responsible for the crimes of BTK or Ted Bundy.

There is far too much scapegoating done and that has to stop.

What we do know is, the Mass Deportation of 12 - 20M people (with their citizen children) will devastate our economy. This is larger than the state of New York!

What we do need is comprehensive immigration reform. That is:
1. Secure Borders
2. Employer Sanctions
3. Bring the 12M (who are felony free) out of the shadows into some type of legal status. They may remain on Guest Worker status and if they so desire, may register to become citizens.

This plan is pure. It is simple. It makes sense.

Then, perhaps, the scapegoating will stop. The racial profiling and restrictionist laws will stop. And, we can move forward, united, as a nation to resolve our major issues.

patriot said...

dee, the lower crime statistics of non-citizen vs citizens is about "immigrants" not illegal aliens. In L.A. the most warrants out for arrest for heinous, feloneous crimes is for illegal aliens.

If the SAVE ACT is implemented, mandatory employer verify of the legality of their employees on their payroll will take 4 years to complete. It will not devastate our economy because of it taking place over a long period of time.

I disagree as usual with your item #3. We should never reward criminal behavior and it is not fair to those immigrants waiting to come over here legally. Plus we need to asess what our true labor needs are first and our population growth.

As I said before laws are made to restrict. That is what laws do. The laws in place in some states now are not unfair. You are trying to demonize them by using your melodramatic terms like "restrictionist laws".

We don't need scapegoating for wanting our immigration laws enforced. The laws stand on their own merit. The crimes committed and the negative impact on our country are just the results of not enforcing our immigration laws. There is no racial profiling as you like to describe it dee. On other threads articles have already been posted disputing any true racial profiling. If stopped no one will be asked their legal status in this country unless they are arrested for a serious crime. You have a problem with that?

We will always be a nation divided if we have both law abiding Americans and ethnocentric seditionists living in it. If blanket amnesty/legalization is given to these illegals we will be more divided than ever!

ultima said...

"He embodies change and will be entering office ready and willing to be different from all those who preceded him."

tijerina, if you believe this, you will believe anything. Every holder of the office of the presidency has been different from his predecessor and has had some different ideas. They say the office makes the man. That means once an elected president takes office he has to face the realities of the limitations on his power and position. Congress will have a lot to say about what anyone can do in that office.

It seems like you have succumbed to Obama's campaign rhetoric and I admit he is a good speaker. But campaign promises are rarely kept and what is said on the campaign trail has only one objective: to get the candidate elected by telling each audience what they want to hear and to try to convince them that only he or she can deliver something different in Washington.

All candidates run on the basis of "change". That is inherent in the election of a new president with new or different ideas.

ultima said...

"We are working closely with the state patrol into the circumstances surrounding the accident, including the legal status of the driver of the van,” said ICE agent Tim Counts."

ICE and the INS should be ashamed of their ineffective performance. Heads should roll. Roy Beck for head of ICE or INS.

ultima said...

"You will have to admit Hillary or Obama will be a welcome change to our current Administration!"

I certainly hope so but I am not willing to canonize them quite yet. Who knows what might happen between now and the election? McCain might just pull off an upset especially if there is a a terrorist incident of some magnitude because of our porous borders.

ultima said...

Some think that people are making the issue of illegal aliens insanely complicated and political. Those who do so are right about this and it has to do with the long term future of America and even Western civilization. H.L. Mencken once made the observation: “A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it.” Much the same could be said for one’s country. Its essence lies in the character of its people. We can then ask what is the nature of those who are entering this country illegally? We can judge their personality and character based on their collective failure to correct the problems in their homelands so they could find jobs and support their families there. They are failures and they are transplanting their failures to the U.S., increasing the poverty level and draining the offers of Medicaid and social services.

Anonymous said...

It is a well documented that the undocumented, taken as a group, drive drunk at more than twice the rate of citizens.

Every grandma who has had her grandchild killed by a drunk driver hopes and prays that you Dee start putting the interests of your fellow citizens ahead of the citizens of foreign nations that are here illegally


Suspect in accident that killed two teens convicted of DUI two months ago

An illegal alien charged in connection with an acdcident that claimed the lives of two teenage girls was convicted of DUI two months ago in Chesapeake.

The accident occurred late Friday night when Alfredo Ramos crashed into the back of a vehicle at a red light. The rear-ending killed teenagers Allison Kuhnhardt and Tessa Tranchant.

10 On Your Side has learned that 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos was convicted in February on DUI charges from November 13, 2006.

The arresting officer commented in his report that Ramos “almost ran him down”.

He was given a 90 day suspended sentence, fined $250, had his drivers’ license suspended, and he ordered to participate in ASAP, an alcohol awareness program.

Court documents also revealed that Ramos didn’ t actually have a valid driver’s license (he was caught with a fake one), had paid a Florida company $200 dollars for a “Mexican ID”, and he blew a .14 BAC - almost twice the legal limit.


Dee you are murdering your fellow citizens. Consider the consequences of your actions

Dee said...

Ulty, McCain cannot get past the Keating 5 or the ANTIs who are bashing him. Some are questioning whether he will even make it past the GOP Convention.

Dee said...

Anon 2,
The only place your ASSUMPtions are well know are on your ANTI websites.

Additionally, if you say one represents the many, then you must be BTK.

patriot said...

And all you statistics are from biased pro sites, dee.

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