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Arrest Made in Jose Sucuzhañay Hate Crime

Guest Voz: Maegan, La Mamita Mala (from Vivir Latino).
Mamita is not only the managing editor of Vivir Latino, she is also the owner of one of my favorite blogs: La Mamita Mala: One Bad Mami. I have both links on my favorite blogs list.
Last night I was watching the local news and saw that an arrest was made in the racist and homophobic murder of Jose Sucuzhañay.
Hakim Scott, 25, was arrested yesterday in connection with the beating death. Police are looking for another suspect, identified as Keith Phoenix, 28, of the Bronx. Both are African-American.
The reasons why I mention the race of the suspects are many. Certainly the race of the suspects will Be held up as proof that it’s not white racism that is to blame for the 40% rise in hate crimes against Latinos. I have no doubt that it will be said that it’s all the people of color killing each other. As if anti-immigrant hate organizations spending money on divide and conquer ads that point the finger at Latino immigrants for unemployment bear no responsibility? As if ICE who just conducted another raid, bears no blame?
I am also concerned with the arrest of one of two suspects being used as an excuse for the NYPD to lay their heavy hands inside of communities who are already constantly harassed. I want to be clear, D.A. Hynes, who failed to prosecute killer cops who shot young Latino men in the back like
Anibal Carrasquillo and Frankie Arzuaga, is not going to be the man to bring real justice to Latino communities and these arrests do not equal license to abuse other people of color.
What should justice look like? Something more than arrest and jail time.
Add to this to how now the Brooklyn District Attorney is defending the manhood of the victim by pointing out that Jose was walking close to his brother to keep warm, not because he was gay. Pero what if Jose had been gay? Would it have been ok then?


Vicente Duque said...

There are more News. Keith Pheonix was arrested by police in Yonkers.

We must congratulate the detectives and policemen that made the two arrests and previous investigation.

Also the Sucuzhanay family that has fought with such force and strength for Justice and Dignity and to hinder the commission of more murders.

I can remember the names of Diego Sucuzhanay and Romel Sucuzhanay. I take off my hat before the two brothers that have never forgotten their dead brother for a single day. And I have had corresponded with them to express my condolences.

I also congratulate Ms Dee of "Immigration Talks with a Mexican American", becasue she is a relentless fighter for Human Rights and Human Dignity, no matter what race or color.

And I congratulate all our friends of Gays, Lesbian and Transgender associations or Blogs, because they have also fought.

The Murderers mistook Mr Jose Osvaldo Sucuzhanay and his brother Romel as Gays, because they were embracing after many years of being separated.

So this is also a Triumph for Gays, Lesbians and Transgender. And we feel a lot of Sympathy and Union with them in this Police Victory.

We also express hope for tighter security measures in the future, like better legislation on Hate Crimes and other sorts of prevention.

I take off my non-Texan hat before the Texan Ms Dee, for her strong will and I pray for the increase of the Prime Blog on Dignity and Humanity of Immigrants.

I continue with my criminalistic investigations, Photos, Videos and Detailed Stories in my sites on the most horrible human action which is MURDER.

More Information on the new developments here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

The Miami Herald and some other Newspapers and TV Networks inform :

Young Chilean Female student killed, other male students murdered, others injured, in shooting rampage
South Walton County, Florida

Young Chilean Female student 22, killed, name : Racine Balbontin.

One male student 23, murdered, name : Nicolas Corp, others injured.

The Miami Herald News Channel

Some excerpts :

News Channel Seven’s Alex Denis spoke to a reporter in Chile Friday morning.

A reporter out of Chile contacted News Channel Seven’s Alex Denis to confirm the identities of the people who were shot and those who were killed in a shooting rampage that happened early Thursday morning in South Walton County.

The reporter confirmed that Francisco Cofre is in serious condition; Sebastian Arizaga is in stable condition and David Bilbao is in good condition at Sacred Heart Hospital. The two killed, were 23-year-old Nicolas Corp and 22-year-old Racine Balbontin. Photos are courtesy of La Tercera.

The reporter confirmed the students were on a work-study program out of Chile.

I am gathering all the information minute by minute about the Sucuzhanay Event and about the Chilean Students here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

About the madman that killed a Girl and a Boy, Legal Students from Chile. In Miramar Beach Florida :

He looks exactly like Charles Manson without the Swastika on the forehead.

He has been a Strong Enthusiastic Bush Republican.

He also told a Neighbor Lady that he wanted to start a "Revolution" killing immigrants.

I have videos and photos of the Murders here :

Vicente Duque

The Indigenous Xicano said...

"Add to this to how now the Brooklyn District Attorney is defending the manhood of the victim by pointing out that Jose was walking close to his brother to keep warm, not because he was gay. Pero what if Jose had been gay? Would it have been ok then?"

I agree. If he was Gay and kissing his partner on the street would not give thugs a license for murder. The D.A.'s need to make a statement trying to explain the physical contact between the men is disturbing.

Vicente Duque said...

Suspect of Horrible Crime says he is a little angel :

Who can believe this story ? :

Two little guys, brothers from Ecuador, probably small, because the Sucuzhanay Name may be Indian, and they usually are small. The brothers Sucuzhanay go to a church to a night party with a priest and Catholic Parishioners. Jose Sucuzhanay is a very successful Real Estate entrepreneur and has some properties in New York City, all money is his own work.

They embrace because it is very cold and they have the emotion of being just united after many years of Separation. Then the two brothers Sucuzhanay attack two big Black Young Men that are riding inside a Big SUV Vehicle, like a big VAN.

The Big Black Guys have to attack and kill the Entrepreneur in Self Defense. And there are other little details, Keith Pheonix was very brazen and gross with the New York Police after detention. He said that the crime was "No Big Deal" and he was smiling before a surveillance camera in a bridge, just 20 minutes after the murder.

Also Keith Phoenix seems to be the class of Bum that lives on Women, he has had several of them and does not work but uses their appartments and cars. He was in the car of one of these girlfriends when the crime was committed.

Can you believe in the Defense Attorney that changed the story ??? ... There are contradictions between the two Black Men.

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Breaking news:
The lawyer for one of the men charged in the deadly beating of an Ecuadorian immigrant in Brooklyn said Sunday that his client acted in self defense.

Keith Phoenix, 28, pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder as a hate crime and acting in concert.

He was held Sunday without bail and was due back in court Monday.

Phoenix's lawyer says Jose Sucuzhañay and his brother kicked Phoenix's SUV in Bushwick in December, and that Phoenix's codefendant, Hakim Scott, started fighting with the brothers.

The lawyer says Phoenix tried to break up the fight, and thought Sucuzhañay was reaching for a weapon.

But police say there is no evidence to support Phoenix's version of events.

Investigators say Phoenix and Scott attacked the brothers as they walked arm in arm because they thought the brothers were gay.

Sucuzhañay died a few days after the attack.

Phoenix's lawyer said his client is remorseful about the incident, but that it was not a hate crime.

Scott is charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime.

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